Radiant Health Retreat - Corfu

Clear out your emotional, physical and mental pains to heal and transform your life. Join us in Corfu, Greece to discover and change your unhealthy habits and behaviour – even those carried out unwittingly – and begin to live from empowered choices.

Prerequisite: Journey Intensive or Journey Experience

Radically transform your habits and your life in only 7 days

Clear out your past emotional, physical and mental pains to heal and transform your life. The Radiant Health Retreat in Corfu, Greece invites you to discover and change your unhealthy habits and behaviour – even those carried out unwittingly. Instead you’ll begin to live from empowered choices.

A 7-day retreat

Listen, and let your body tell you what it needs

You may not even know what your self-sabotaging habits are, or where they came from. Yet something within you knows you’re capable of living a more conscious and vibrant life. When you stop and feel... when you truly learn to listen to yourself... your unhealthy patterns and behaviours can point directly to what you truly feel about yourself. It can also become crystal clear what positive steps you need to take to make a significant difference in your life.

Get clear on what
steps to take to make
a radical difference
in your life

Support your body to heal

In safety, comfort and in the warm embrace of like-minded individuals who also want the best for themselves, you’ll immerse yourself in a healing journey. This week-long retreat is filled with Journey skills and techniques from various programs including:
  • Goodbye Depression
  • Healing with Conscious Communication
  • Visionary Leadership Advanced program
As you heal emotionally, you’ll be supported physically with superb meals and phenomenal body movement techniques. All while you bask in the sublime energy of the Corfu Buddha Hall – a delightful, peaceful sanctuary in Greece.

At the Radiant Health Retreat you will:

  • Undergo Journey processes to banish deep-seated, unhealthy behaviors and discover ways to create positive, lasting changes
  • Create health shifts that allow you to reach and maintain your overall health and vitality
  • Put yourself on a healthy path of daily movement and exercise that includes yoga and E-Motion movements including stretching and shaking
  • Clear and resolve past events and traumas in a safe, supportive and setting
  • Feast on healthy, cleansing food designed to support and heal your body and consult with a food specialist to put together a healthy meal plan for when you return home

What graduates of the Radiant Health Retreat say:

The most nurturing event I have had the pleasure to attend

The Radiant Health retreat for me was the most nurturing event I have had the pleasure to attend.

It offered the feeling of being on holiday experiencing delicious food and the most amazing yoga and body work in a stunning location and environment whilst providing a healthy and nutritional diet and deep clearing work that is on a level of some of the Journey’s most advanced events.

My intention for the week was to lose weight, eat a healthier diet, clear my food fixation and patterns for unhealthy and unsupportive behaviours that did not honour my body or being.

Since returning 7 weeks ago I have lost 7 kilos in weight, I have changed my eating habits to more healthy and inspiring options whilst still allowing a glass of wine or piece of chocolate if I desire it. There is no hardship in the changes that I have made and I feel more free in myself than I ever have before, my body feels lighter, not just literally! and as if a heaviness has been lifted from my guts.

I have had stomach issues since the age of 16 and had previous medical diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis and more recently a hiatus hernia. I was often bloated and full of gas and can honestly tell you all of the symptoms related with these diagnosis have gone in just 7 weeks.

I cannot recommend this event highly enough and whether you want to clear unhealthy behaviours within your life or just treat your mind, body and being to a week of pure indulgence then this is the event for you.

Jane Symonds