your Journey

The Journey offers a range of seminars designed to clear blocks and set you free in all areas of your life. Transformative and freeing, they’ve helped many thousands of people lead richer, more fulfilling lives. Take the first step at a Journey Intensive and keep yourself on track with more advanced seminars – as you become the person you were born to be.

Entry Level Seminars

To start your journey, you need to attend at least one Entry Level Seminar before you can move on to advanced seminars and retreats.

Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays

For over 20 years, The Journey Intensive has been our flagship introductory event for you to personally experience the healing and life-transforming power of The Journey Method.

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Journey Intensive Exclusively for Women with Brandon Bays

Being a woman means taking on certain roles in life, and to fit in you may feel forced to wear a coat of false identity. When you can’t be who you truly are, it can result in depression, stress and anxiety. The Journey can help set you free.

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The 2 or 3 day Journey Experience

The 2 day Journey Experience with the optional 3rd day, where you learn many more additional skills and tools, has been carefully designed to reveal your full potential and discover how to harness your body’s own power to heal.

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Out of the Blue 2-Day Seminar

Are you someone who regularly feels worried, stressed or depressed? Does your mind keep you tense with thoughts and images of what ‘might’ go wrong, do you feel tired, fed-up or have you simply lost the joy of day-to-day life?

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Introductory Events with Brandon Bays

Take the opportunity to experience Brandon Bays live at one of her introductory talks. Find out more about Brandon’s intro talks and mini-workshops and book your place now...

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