How can you heal your body by dealing with your emotions?

Research by the American Center for Disease Control (CDC) has shown that 85% of all illness is emotionally based.  With such strong evidence from medical science it’s clear that removing emotional blocks is vital to your health. That’s why The Journey is so powerful. It can quickly restore your body’s natural ability to heal at the highest level.

Who is The Journey meant for?

If you’re struggling with any kind of physical issue or emotional shutdown, The Journey can help. Or maybe you feel there’s more to life and you’re not reaching your full potential. If you’re stuck and unable to make the change you need, The Journey will help you get to the root cause of what’s been holding you back on every level – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

It’s NOT for you if you’re looking for a quick and easy fix without having to face the truth. The Journey is for lovers of truth who want to liberate their lives from the emotional baggage they’ve been carrying for too long.

How can a seminar heal you?

The Journey offers seminars unlike any you’ve ever attended before. Each one is designed to reveal personal emotional and physical blockages that have held you back in your life and caused you shutdown or illness. You’ll clear out the root causes and come to a liberating forgiveness – of both yourself and others.

The personal, powerful Journey process you’ll experience was born directly from Brandon Bay’s own experience of healing from a tumor. The Journey method she developed enables you to access deeply held memories at a cellular level – and teaches you how to resolve and let go of stored issues.

Is there scientific proof The Journey can heal?

Emotions are not simply chemicals in the brain. They’re electrochemical signals that affect the chemistry and electricity of every cell in the body. The body’s electrical state is modulated by emotions that change the world within the body.

Candace Pert, chief of brain biochemistry at the National Institutes of Health, made a breakthrough discovery that changed the way scientists understand the mind-body connection. She found the opiate receptor – the mechanism by which a class of chemicals (peptides) alters the mind and body. Her research led her to an understanding of the way emotions function as a regulatory system in the body.

At a neurological level, Pert found the feeling of being connected with God, of feeling blessed, is an important part of brain function. “Blessing and bliss come from the same root. We are hard wired to be in bliss. It’s normal and it’s natural,” she says.

The naturally occurring ‘bliss chemicals’ are called endorphins, and they’re released in the brain and body in response to emotional states and physical activities. Pert says “The opiate receptor…. is in our frontal cortex, the most advanced part of our brains. It’s like we’re designed to make choices around pleasure. The very highest, most intelligent part of our brain is drenched in receptors to make us use pleasure as a criterion for our decisions. So it’s okay to feel good – God is good.”

Pert continues, “We know that the vibration in these receptors mediates, or leads, to the whole organism feeling bliss. … that endorphin vibration is really the bliss of union and divine union.” So when we create that kind of resonance internally, we’re in line with that divine self. True bliss represents an optimal state of functioning.

Is The Journey a religion?

No, The Journey follows no philosophy or doctrine other than a simple belief in the limitless nature of human potential. It offers you a way to access your soul and to connect with the wisdom of your body for healing on a cellular level. You’ll become aware of the source of all life – whatever that is, or whatever you perceive it to be.

The Journey does, however, have a spiritual dimension. Deepak Chopra defines religion vs spirituality as: “Religion is belief in someone else's experience. Spirituality is having your own experience.”

With The Journey you’ll be guided by your own soul, at your own pace, to your own, personal experience of awakening.

I’d love to go, but can’t afford it at the moment

We are always willing to do all we can to support you in attending an event. If you need to discuss payment options please contact jane.symonds@thejourney.com

I’m not sure if this method is for me

If you’re still not sure whether The Journey is for you, please download The Journey audio course here:

Part 1: Your Invitation to Freedom: “Come to the Edge!”
Part 2: Uncovering Old Cell Memories: Clearing Out the “Old Stuff” that’s Holding You Back
Part 3: The Science Behind Cellular Healing: How to Get in Touch with Your Body Wisdom to Heal Completely
Part 4: Know Whatever Comes to Your Unexpectedly to be a Gift From God

 It’s absolutely free and will help you understand how the method works, and how you can use it to improve your emotional and physical health.

My English is not so good, can I get a translation in my own language?

At The Journey we offer translators for most languages. However, please check here (LINK or email) before booking your seat.

Do I have to prepare for the seminar?

All we ask is that you come with an open heart, trust that healing is available to you, and be willing to face the truth. Your body can heal – and by attending the seminar has already made the decision to undergo deep transformation. So just show up.

I have a medical condition – will The Journey help me?

The Journey has already helped thousands of people suffering with various physical illnesses, and given profound results. However, we’d like to point out that there are no guarantees your healing will take place. Every body is different and each and every one of us is on a different journey. It’s best to come with trust, openness and the willingness to explore without expectations.

Why can’t I just go to the Manifest Abundance Retreat?

The Journey Intensive, or a Journey@Home seminar, are prerequisites for all other Journey courses (except of ‘Out of the Blue’ and ‘Liberating Kids’ Shining Potential’ which are stand alone, entry level courses). There is specific path to follow, as each builds on the other to peel away the onion layers that block you from being your true self. So we ask you to trust in The Journey and keep your heart open as you embark on your healing voyage into joyful liberation.

Once you’ve successfully completed your Journey Intensive you’re a Journey Grad and can attend the Manifest Abundance Retreat – the next step on your profound, transformational Journey.

How long does it take to cleanse the body of old, negative cell memories?

The length of time will vary from person to person according to your life journey and your own life lessons. You can comfortably do a Journey process once a week for a year as there’s bound to be more than one cell memory stored inside the body.

How many processes are there in The Journey?

As well as the emotional physical Journeys, there are over a dozen other processes designed to help clear negative cell memories. So if you’re suffering from a serious illness, we recommend you have a few sessions with a Journey Practitioner to get to the root of the emotional cause. He or she will be able to use advanced tools and combine them into a more powerful journey. One that really helps shift and clears your blocks so your body can begin to heal itself.

Can holistic healing, such as The Journey, be used side-by-side with Western medical treatments – for instance when treating cancer?

Absolutely. It’s important to recognise that if you have a serious illness we wholeheartedly advise consulting a medical practitioner. Ultimately, you need to consult with your doctor, listen to your body, and go with what feels right for you. The Journey can easily be used alongside orthodox medical treatment. In addition, The Journey has trained many medical doctors to help get to the emotional root cause of an illness. If you can find such a doctor they will support you on your journey, and might also choose or advise you to use chemo or radiation or surgery alongside.

Can I use several different forms of alternative health if I choose to?

Yes, of course. The Journey works well alongside both Western medicine and alternative health. For instance, nutrition and cleansing is something Brandon personally used alongside The Journey when healing her basketball size tumor without drugs or surgery. You must listen to your own body wisdom when making decisions, especially for your health.

Is it ever a mistake to try to use Western medicine and alternative therapies in treating a major illness? Shouldn’t one go whole-heartedly with one or the other?

You must follow your own path. Do whatever feels right for you. Listen to your body and what it tells you when you consider adding any form of treatment. The Journey is about getting to the consciousness that co-created illness. There are also beautiful medical protocols that exist. The Journey would never prescribe to anyone what their healing path should be. Part of healing is listening to your own path and following your own wisdom.

How often should I do a journey if I don’t have major health problems and just want to experience freedom and achieve my full potential in life?

We recommend you do a Journey process at least once a month, and preferably once every two weeks. This will help you to keep clearing our your stored negative cell memories and to embrace wholesome, new, empowering beliefs. Beliefs that will serve you well in the present moment and help you achieve whatever you set your mind to.

How does The Journey help create healing?

The Journey works by releasing the old consciousness stored in your cell memories. When something significant happens in your childhood, or even in your recent past, negative (and positive) memories and consciousness become stored in your cells. Unfortunately negative consciousness can make you shut down your emotions, create unhealthy vows, and prevent you from achieving everything you’re capable of doing. It can even make you ill. Happily, The Journey can take you back to the old consciousness and offers you the opportunity to clear negative stored emotions from your cells. In their place you can create new, healthy and empowering beliefs and choices. Ones that serve you well in the present moment.