Journey Intensive with
Brandon Bays

Everything You Need to Access Your Innate Self-Healing

Power & Move Forward in a Newfound Freedom

Worldwide mind-body health expert Brandon Bays guides you where no meditation, positive mindset or healthy lifestyle has been able to take you before; to the infinite intelligence inside you, which can deeply heal your body, free you from emotional traps, and profoundly transform your life on every level.

Emotional Wellbeing, Stress and Anxiety Healing, Physical Health, Healthy Relationships, and much, much more…

With these tools, you can transform your life and set yourself free!

The Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays has been carefully designed to reveal your full inner potential and help you discover how to harness your body’s own extraordinary healing power.

During the course you’ll be able to release deep emotional blocks, disempowering beliefs, limiting vows and other unhealthy conditioning. You’ll learn how through past traumas the body becomes imprinted with negative ‘cell memories’ and, most importantly, you’ll learn how your body can organically release the past and fully heal.

Using the deeply transforming process work using The Journey Method, you’ll feel free to enjoy more peace of mind, experience greater joy of being, feel whole and fulfilled in your self, and begin to live from your deepest potential of love, not fear.

As a Journey Intensive Graduate you will also qualify to attend many of The Journey’s advanced level courses and retreats.

Why are people attending The Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays?

We live in strange and confusing times. As a society we have more affluence than ever, yet so many of us experience an emptiness and longing, or dissatisfaction, or meaninglessness and we are looking for new and innovative answers to life’s problems.

So people come to The Journey Intensive for a host of reasons. Many feel stuck in their lives, and feel as if they’re held back from achieving their full potential.

Some come to finally resolve relationship or family issues that have impacted their lives, to address health and well-being issues, or to resolve issues with fears or low self-esteem. Many come to find a way to finally clear depression, which is so common today.

Others want to connect deeper with their inner self and are looking for spiritual advancement and liberation.

Whatever your personal life challenges, no matter what techniques you have previously tried, The Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays can help you become healthier, happier, more fulfilled, more connected with yourself and others, and free to live life as you choose.


The Journey Intensive Retreat, is offered within our private online Community area with Live Zoom calls and pre-recorded teaching modules. The Retreat is designed as a 3 day experience which gives you live access to Brandon Bays’ co-presenter, Journey Practitioners and the other participants. We start with a Pre-meeting on Zoom a few days before to give you an opportunity to meet the staff, support team, and fellow participants before we dive into the Retreat. It's also the opportunity to get comfortable with the technology. Then on the first morning, we all join together in Zoom and the co-host will guide us step by step through the day and undergoing the Emotional Journey process. Your process work is done online, in a private Zoom room, with another participant of the Retreat. Trainers are available to support you if needed. The second day you will learn and undergo the Physical Journey process. Finally, on the third day of Advanced Skills there is the chance to learn new additional skills with lots of breakout times to practice these techniques with partners. The Advanced Skills really adds great skills to giving processes and you will have the advantage of taking part in feedback and advice sessions, always invaluable. There is an Integration session after the Retreat finishes and you will have access to the teachings for up to two weeks.

A personal process that’s as unique as you are...

The Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays has proven to be effective in all areas of your life as it gives you direct access to the unconscious subliminal programs that have been running your life up to now, and the direct methods that will allow you to rewrite your own life’s ‘operating system’. And in all your discoveries only you hold the key!

You’ll be guided through a range of unique processes, inquiries and introspections designed and developed by Brandon that allow you to find that key and uproot old, disempowering patterns or habits and create space for an uplifting, naturally positive awareness instead. 

From our experience and over twenty years of work in the transformational field teaching hundreds of thousands of people, no other healing modality is faster or more effective. 

After these processes of revealing honesty, tears and laughter, you’ll finally be able to leave your old habits and the old you well and truly behind. 

You’ll be free to experience life fully, to enjoy the power to consciously choose your actions, and be able to deal with new life situations from a place of love and compassion, free from the fear and doubt of your old restrictive patterns.

So what else is happening at The Journey Intensive?

Once you have completed The Journey Intensive, you’ll qualify to attend many of our advanced courses and retreats. You’ll have an opportunity to speak to Accredited Journey Practitioners to find out more about the opportunity to train with us - for your own well-being or to become a Journey Practitioner yourself.

What graduates of the Journey Intensive say:

The Journey has profound healing results

The Journey Process developed by Brandon Bays is a deceptively simple technique that facilitates emotional and physical self-healing in the shortest possible time. It can be learned and applied by anyone almost immediately, yet is able to catalyze profound healing results even after other modalities have been tried and failed. I would recommend The Journey Process wholeheartedly to anyone.

Ian Watson, Co-Founder of The Lakeland College for Homeopathy; Author of 'A Guide to the Methodologies of Homeopathy'

It gives you courage and allows you to face your fears

The journey experience is more than simply an experience. It is transformational. It connects you with your inner core and it allows you to be strong in the face of fear. It gives you courage and is such a positive tool that you want to share the experience with loved ones.

Louise Sanda, Accredited Journey Practioner in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If everyone did the Journey Intensive we could heal the world

“Everyday in my office I witness deep, lasting transformation. I see people freeing themselves from bouts of depression, allergies, anxiety, grief, low self-esteem, debilitating mood disorders and physical ailments such as blood pressure, IBS, migraines – even cancer!”

Marie-Sylvie Roy, Journey Practitioner

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