Life Coaching Masterclass

Fulfil your own life, career and abundance goals as you support others to do the same – as a Journey Accredited Life Coach.

You must have completed the Journey Practitioner programme in order to attend the Life Coaching Masterclass. 

If you wish to receive certification as a Journey Accredited Life Coach, you must ALSO have attended, Journey Practitioner Mastery, Authentic Greatness I (or Visionary Leadership I and II), and The Enneagram Masterclass.

At the 5½-day Life Coaching Masterclass you’ll

  • Develop and deepen your life-transformational skills, and learn how to work with clients in a more structured and goal-oriented way.
  • Learn how to use the Enneagram more effectively as a tool to work with career, financial and lifestyle issues.
  • Hone your skills as a deep and empathic listener, able to cut through the ‘fluff’, the distractions of ego, and zoom in on the real issues causing lack of clarity, under-performance, procrastination, self-sabotage or ineffectiveness in your clients.
  • Discover how rewarding – emotionally and financially – it can be to develop coaching relationships that work effectively towards specific goals with professional clients.
  • Learn how you can coach successfully, even when you have no inside knowledge of your client’s business or vocation.

And You’ll Be Able To:

  • Become a profoundly effective Journey Accredited Life Coach, and assist others in potently transforming their lives and moving forward in their full potential
  • Help clients cut through the chaff to uncover and clear their real life issues and fulfil their true hearts’ desires
  • Use the Enneagram more effectively to allow your clients to identify and clear what really holds them back and keeps them stuck
  • Be creative and effective in helping clients design and achieve the lives they are truly destined to live
  • Develop mutually beneficial and profitable medium- to long-term relationships with your clients
  • Work with rare effectiveness with professionals from almost any industry or vocation
  • Find your own purpose and meaning in helping others unlock their true potential and discover deep self-awareness


  • Enhance and broaden the professional appeal of your practice
  • Become a recognised authority, stand out in your field and attract more professional clients
  • Become a positive strategic influence in the lives of others
  • Broaden your client base, and develop ongoing, valuable professional relationships
  • Unlock your own professional income potential and meet your own financial goals
  • Find deep purpose and meaning in your own life as a truly effective life-transformation coach