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What really blocks your abundance that other programs don't talk about? A Powerful 3-day Online Retreat

How Does Your Ego Keep You Impoverished?

As a no Ego Graduate, you are already aware of the subversive power of ego. You know that your Enneatype fixation, with its many fearful masquerades, is the cause and the shaper of the suffering you experience in every area of life.

But what role does it play in your abundance and wealth?

What Enneagram specific traps keep your deepest heart’s desires at bay?

In This 3-Day Immersion You'll Create:

  • A freshly empowered life-view, born from effortless confidence and trust.
  • A personalised action plan to guide you in expressing and living from the soul, from true oneness and connection to all that live has to offer.
  • A brand-new, conscious path into a free and soaring future.
  • The possibility of living from limitless potential, creativity and joy in all you do