with Kevin Billett

Become a Masterful Communicator of Awakening and Life Transformation

Transform your career and enjoy a more fulfilling, purposeful life as you deepen in your own authenticity and learn to be a potent communicator, a beacon of infinite potential.

Prerequisite: Authentic Greatness I

Liberate your innate genius, creativity and potential, and be a presence of awakening for others.

During these eight deeply transformative days you’ll dive into the profound depths of your true self and let the fire of truth burn through all illusions of separation. Dance the dance of life lightly yet fully, as a profound exemplar of human potential.

Deepen in your own authentic presence

Deepen in your own authentic presence and begin to speak powerfully, persuasively and effectively to groups both large and small. Become and inspiration to others to achieve their divine highest and deepest potential.

Become a potent and subtle channel of Truth, influencing others profoundly with your presence, your being and your communication.


Learn how to ‘hold the space’ and let grace be and do all communicating. Open to the flow of Satsang as an empty vessel of the divine. Develop powerful and profound communication skills that work in public and in private, with groups small and large.

Gain the confidence of authentic public speaking and discover elegantly effective ways to reach out to others. In step-by-step ways, learn how to stand before any group in true mask-free authenticity, ease and openness as you deliver your message elegantly and effectively. Leave your audience moved, impacted and ready to make changes in their own lives.

Discover how to:

  • Relax and open into authentic, creative, mind-free awareness when presenting in public
  • Resolve your fears and speak in public with ease, confidence and effectiveness
  • Induce warmth, empathy and positivity with almost any group
  • Uncover your ‘authentic voice’ and learn to speak with clarity and deep, compelling authority
  • Stand as a powerful presence, speak from the heart and be a deep influencer, a messenger of transformation and possibility
  • Reach out to others and build your client base, your supporters and advocates, with effortless ease
  • Use your unnoticed ‘energy spheres’ to dissolve personal barriers and positively impact everyone around you
  • Create emotional connection with your audience and bring them actively onside, so they are eager to support you in your business, practice or cause
  • Learn conscious verbal skills that bring others to enthusiastic agreement, to ‘Yes!’
  • Uncover your heart’s real message, it’s purpose, and begin spreading it, so others can benefit from your life’s experience

This 8-day Authentic Greatness Retreat is presented by Kevin Billett

Prerequisite: Authentic Greatness 1 and The Journey Practitioner Programme.

This is an 8-day retreat and prices include the teaching and all course materials, but do not include the cost of accommodation and meals. In order to provide the deepest and most liberating experience for you, we recommend that you stay at the venue during the retreat. A special price has been arranged for you. Please book the accommodation package with the venue directly.

For more information and to book your place, go to, email
or call +44 (0)1656 890 400

NOTE: This event is open to all who have attended the Journey Practitioner Programme & Authentic Greatness I