No Ego

In the Fire of Freedom

Prerequisite: Life Transformation Week

Liberate yourself as you blaze in the fire of Satsang

This extraordinarily liberating retreat invites you to dive in ever deeper: to face and clear out the core issues and avoidances that are the real cause of our struggle and suffering. Blaze in the fire of Satsang and burn through your remaining patterns of fixation. Includes brand-new work, shared for the first time and extended by one day.

Advanced No Ego – with Brandon Bays
PREREQUISITE : No Ego AND Conscious Abundance

During the Advanced No Ego you will:

  • Dive in ever deeper to face and clear out the core drives and avoidances that cause struggle and suffering
  • Blaze in Satsang and burn through the remaining patterns of your fixation
  • Gain brand new, more profound insights into your strategies and ‘lies’
  • Challenge and pull out the foundations of your ego fixation, letting the whole edifice fall away