Brandon Bays is a remarkable soul

Brandon Bays is a remarkable soul, and her story of healing and reconciliation is a testament to the capabilities of human beings. (Read this book and be inspired to take your own journey of healing!)

Anthony Robbins, Entrepreneur, Author & Peak Performance Strategist

Journey Intensive

It was up-lifting. It was masterful. It was inspirational.

I’ve just back from my weekend Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays in Auckland.

It was A. Maze. Ing.

Yep, amaaaaazing.

140 participants. 70 trainers. One Brandon Bays. And a whole lot of Consciousness and Love.

Now, I had a fair idea of what I was in for, as I’d read Brandon’s book a couple of times, and I’d had the honour of interviewing her for The Yoga Lunchbox in January.

Still, I was blown away.

Brandon held us enthralled from 9am until 8pm both days, teaching through story, leading massage trains, taking us into guided meditations, encouraging us to sing our hearts out to Kirtan, making us shake, shimmer, and Shakti it up in dance and of course taking us through the process that is the Journey.

As a result, I have no doubt that every single person in that room experienced themselves as Grace, Source, Love, God, the Universe, Consciousness, Joy, Bliss…

Yep, Brandon effortlessly helped us open up the armour of the ego and allow it to drop away, so we could shine forth as the light that we all are.

It was up-lifting.

It was masterful.

It was inspirational.

Kara-Leah Grant, Lunchbox Publisher, Writer and Yoga Teacher

It’s the Closest Thing to an Instant Healing Package

If there was an instant social healing package out there we would be the first to grab it. The Journey Intensive has got to be the healing for us. It’s the closest thing to an instant healing package.

Mark Nui, Natuashish Labrador, Canada

What I Received Was Beyond My Wildest Dreams

What I received was beyond my wildest dreams. I received physical and spiritual healing. I got to see the face of God.

Patricia Roller, Aumsville, OR

You Can Take Back Control of Your Life

I was called to the Journey by my need to heal the gaping sores and exhaustion from a series of failed personal and business relationships. Surviving, but wounded, I was in dire need. My life was stuck on one unending plateau of drudgery, caught in a glass cage, chained to a treadmill. I did not know what the walls were made of, where the chains were tied. I just knew they were there.

I read dozens of books, attended multiple seminars, hired many personal coaches, studied many religious and spiritual approaches and still came away without an answer. Then I read Brandon Bays “The Journey”. My excuse for studying with the Journey was my desire to learn how to heal the mind part of the body-mind healing equation. My training as a Chiropractor was about healing the body. I thought the Journey training would teach me the tools to help the other half of the equation.

Little did I understand that the training would shatter my glass cage, sever the chains and make me a better doctor. And I lost weight too!

Learning the Journey process is to body-mind healing what learning to use tools is to a carpenter. Once schooled and skilled with a hammer, saw and a level a carpenter is free to build as he chooses. Once trained with the Journey processes you are free to open your life as deeply and completely as you choose. And freedom can be yours.

Central to the Journey process is the most powerful of all human abilities, forgiveness. The Journey is the only system that I have encountered that teaches the way to accomplish complete forgiveness elegantly and simply. And with forgiveness comes true humility and peace. It does not matter what your issue is, Journey processes, simple and elegant as they are, can restore your freedom and joy. They give you the power to open up, relax and receive the events of your life as non-threatening and non-destructive. You can take back control of your life.

The Journey is not about a pattern to follow, a guru to imitate, or a box in which you have to fit. These teachings are neither mysterious nor magical. Brandon Bays has clearly and fully described them in her beautiful book, The Journey.

Independent? Do-it-yourselfer? Find the book, now in paperback, and teach yourself the techniques of the Journey Process. Do you enjoy the seminar setting? If you are like me, and you crave the opportunity to train with an experienced teacher, then attend a Journey Intensive weekend. The basic skills can be learned and nurtured in one weekend. Once understood you can use these skills anywhere, anytime. Once learned these tools are yours to treasure, master and carry with you for the rest of your life.

Linda Ehlers , Accredited Journey Practitioner Palos Hills, Illinois

I Was Already Working the Program and Didn’t Know It

I was wondering “why did you sign up for this seminar.” I almost cancelled. My thinking mind says “you’re doing a detox program, why are you going to overwhelm yourself.” Well I told my thinking mind to take a back seat because “my soul was in charge for the next 30-days.” I was already working the program and didn’t know it. Divine Grace prepared me to get here way before my thinking mine knew what was going. I am so GRATEFUL!

Encita Gonzalez, The Woodlands, TX

An Easy Accessible Approach to Inner Emotional and Physical Healing that Can Be Used Repeatedly

I have high regards for the Journey process. It will definitely be a major contribution to the healing of all people who are looking for an easy accessible approach to inner emotional and physical healing that can be used repeatedly.

Paula Beller, Battle Creek, MI

This Is the Holy Grail of Healing

Wow! My world got rocked. This is the holy grail of HEALING.

Elise Pittleman, N.Y

I Now Understand and See My Own Intrinsic Value and Worth

Journey process has assisted me to understand and see my own intrinsic value and worth.

Alison Dere-Waechter, Tillsonburg, ON

This Level of Change is Precious and Rare


Thomas Minde, MD., Chelsea, ON

Utterly Life Changing for Me Both Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

Amazing! Utterly life changing for me both physically, mentally, and spiritually. Helped me to find myself and the overwhelming love that exists in me. Helped me to realize my power in healing others and what my life’s purpose will be here in this lifetime. Helped me to completely heal and release all emotions that were judgmental and self-critical to myself and realize my true loving being.

So much physical and emotional healing has taken place because of The Journey and I’m so grateful for that. I am now ready to take on the second part of my journey in life with nothing but love and grace! So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kelly McCosh

I Have Never Felt This ‘Alive’ in My Life

I have never felt this ‘alive’ in my life – thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ted Bowser, Detroit, MI

The Pain in My Neck/Throat Area Was About 97% Healed

It was great for me. This is the second time to take it and I was not expecting to go so deep in the processes, but I did receive a lot of healing and awareness. The pain in my neck/throat area I came with was about 85% healed yesterday and I today I test at 97% healed. So tomorrow or maybe naturally is will go to 100%.

Elizabeth Channin, NJ

So Very Helpful and Practical

Absolutely life changing experience. So very helpful and practical. I haven’t felt this good in so long. So completely clear. It is so hard to put it into words the awesomeness ofthis experience and what it has done for me. All I know I can say is I am so thankful to have been here.

Alecia, NY

I Have Never Been Able to Talk to Anyone About These Issues

I was able to open and address issues I have never been able to talk to anyone about.

Joan, NY

Wonderful… What a Gift to the Planet


Ron Levy, CA

I Am in Awe of Not Only the Healing, but Also the Education and Tools I Am Leaving Here With

Wow! Wow! Wow! This workshop far exceeded anything I could have expected. I am in awe of not only the healing, but also the education and tools I am leaving here with.

Caly Lehrer, NJ

Never Did I Expect the Healing Process that Would Take Place for Me After 43 Years of Avoiding and Not Believing

I came expecting some good tips and ideas and wisdom but NEVER did I expect the healing process that would take place for me after 43 years of avoiding and not believing it could happen. This was “it”. This was the source I have been looking for for sooooo long! I am free – free to live, love, fly…soar, dance, cry, heal, believe, create, heal gain and again and be one with the universe and god once again.

Tammy Alto, MA

I Know that I Can Stop “Searching” on the Outside

I know that I can stop “searching” on the outside and just look inside – something I have always known, however I just see clearer now.

Johnathon Hughes, NJ

I Was Able to Direct the Shuttle to an Old Problem in My Body that Has Caused Severe Pain

The Journey Intensive has been life changing. I was able to direct the shuttle to an old problem in my body that has caused severe pain at times. It is amazing the results I am beginning to sense.

Janis Martinez, TX

This Is the Most Important Work I Have Ever Experienced

I have done a very lot of workshops and readings, etc. and this is the most important work I have ever experienced. Everything was outstanding.

Maria Morris, CA

This has been the most liberating experience of my life.


Mark O’Connor, CA

My Hearing Has Been Restored to the Sound of a Pin Drop

My eyes are open wider than yesterday, my hearing has been restored to the sound of a pin drop and my heart encompasses the globe. Thank you.

Shelly Barack, CA

I Wish I Had Taken This Class 10 Years Ago

Wow this was freakin awesome! I wish I had taken this class 10 years ago!

Leticia Ambrose, CA

This Has Been the Most Enlightening Experience I’ve Ever Had

This has been the most enlightening experience I’ve ever had. I feel like a different more whole person.

Sarah, AB

Thank You for Awakening Me from My Deep Deep Hallucinative Life

Words can’t describe the LOVE and my deep GRATITUDE that I have for all of you. Thank you for awakening me from my deep deep hallucinative life.

Yiota Papas, New Jersey

I Have Never Come Away With So Much Hope – Not Just Temporary Elation

I’ve been struggling with my stuff for many many years (I’m 69 now) and have tasted the nectar of healing many times – with varying degrees of success but have never come away with so much hope – not just temporary elation. Thank you so much for my wonderful “tool-box” and experience using it.

Sonia Kindrachuk, BC

Simply Put…Life Changing

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart words cannot express this experience for me. Simply Put…Life Changing.

Lynn Whitlam, BC

I Finally Forgave My Worst Enemy… Myself

Such simple exercises with large impact! It’s the first time I looked into people’s eyes and let them look into mine. Imagine! What struck me most is that I touched people… little worthless me who always thought I didn’t deserve anyone’s attention. A wonderful experience, where I finally forgave my worst enemy… myself. Now the healing can begin knowing I will fully support my “inner child” that I have bashed since forever. Thank you!

Andree Myette, ON

I Have Learned a Technique that Will Help Free Me from the Hell I’ve Been Living

This experience has had a wonderfully profound impact on the quality of my existence as a human. I have learned a technique that will help free me from the hell I’ve been living.

Ernestine Woodward, MI

I Am Totally Blown Away by the Shift and Awareness I Feel

I am totally blown away by the shift and awareness I feel. There was so much difference between my mind’s projection of my needs and what my body’s needs were.

Tom Cole, ON

Tonight I Feel as if My Life is Starting from a New Place

Tonight I feel as if my life is starting from a new place and can only wonder what joyful new experiences grace will be bringing my way.

Michele Bohm, ON

It Opened the Forgotten Child in Me

It opened the forgotten child in me. Reminds me of my purpose in life.

Alan Davis, MD, ON

Life Altering, Spirit Enhancing Content

Life altering, spirit enhancing content. Awesome stuff!

Chris Leigh-Smith, Calgary AB - Martial Arts Instructor

I Was Able to Let Go of Many Blockages

I had absolutely no preconceived idea of what I would experience during this journey weekend. I came with an open mind but had serious reservations if I could effectively go throught the process, and more importantly be an effective processor. However I am blown away by the depth of my experience. I was able to let go of many blockages.

Sandy Bowdle

It Transformed My Life

When we arrived at that first morning of The Journey Intensive, we could tell there was something very different in the air. We somehow had the feeling we were home, and were so strongly attracted to this work we signed up for the full Practitioner Programme right there. With each successive event we felt more and more a part of something very special, very healing, very sacred, very much on purpose with our purpose to be here.

My wife Claire and I have each developed a private practice of helping other people both in our local community and in our greater international community. Using the principles, training, experience and techniques lovingly taught and pract­ised in the sweet embrace of The Journey, we have been able to extend the envelope of health, healing and wholeness into the world.

Every day in so many ways The Journey has positively impacted us and our clients. Like the ever-radiating rings created by a simple stone tossed into the centre of a pond, more and more members of our community, our family, friends, loved ones and clients are benefiting by improving their lives. As a result of doing this work we have seen alcoholics leave behind their need to drink; drug addicts move into deep healing so they can live drug-free; marriages that are falling apart, repaired and restored; a bipolar patient who is now whole and living life in joy and radiance; an ADHD boy now off prescription drugs and living a full and happy childhood without disturbance; a cancer patient now living a life of joy when she thought she had none to live; a man overcoming his debilitating grief after losing his wife to cancer after 64 years together; a recluse finding joy and freedom from his depression by reaching out and helping others.

This and so much more has become a part of our daily lives with The Journey…we call them “every day miracles”…and they happen here every day.

Bob Levy, Journey Practitioner

Claudia K., Österreich

“Ein sehr fundiertes Seminar. Gute Führung durch Bettina und gute Begleitung durch die Trainer”

Claudia K., Österreich, JI Wien 2011

Elfie, Bayern

„Es ist faszinierend, wie schnell man etwas lösen kann. Jedem zu empfehlen.“

Elfi, Bayern

Ina, Wien

„Jahrelanges, regelmäßiges meditieren hat mich in keinster Weise zu solch tiefen Erfahrungen von Eins-Sein gebracht”.


Eines der tiefsten, einfachsten, liebevollsten und befreiendsten Seminare

„Eines der tiefsten, einfachsten, liebevollsten und befreiendsten Seminare die ich je besucht habe. Danke!”

Thomas, Oberösterreich

Peter, Wien

“War sehr berührt von der Offenheit und dem Feingefühl der Seminarleiterin und der Trainer. Wurde wunderbar begleitet durch alle Prozesse! Hab für mich genau das gefunden, wonach ich mich gesehnt habe. Danke.”

Peter, Wien, JI Wien 2011

Une libération personnelle incroyable

La lecture du Livre de Brandon Bays a fait un écho chez moi comme l’évidence d’une vérité que j’avais toujours sue. En tant que masseur-kinésithérapeute, ostéopathe, ma pratique professionnelle m’a amené à observer cette réalité de l’interaction entre nos chocs émotionnels et nos maux et même maladies. Ce que j’ai vécu au cours des différentes sessions n’est pas seulement un moyen extraordinaire d’accompagner chacun dans sa propre découverte de soi, mais aussi une libération personnelle incroyable. Derrière cette carapace se cachaient tellement de peurs dont je ne savais quoi faire. Elles m’empêchaient de vivre pleinement l’instant présent quel qu’il soit et inhibaient la perception du plaisir d’être. Celui d’être vraiment présent à l’autre, de ressentir un véritable amour de soi. Le sentiment aujourd’hui est un retour à la maison, à l’intérieur, où toutes les questions qui se posaient sans cesse : qui suis-je? Que fais-je ici? Que dois-je faire pour m’accomplir à chaque instant? Toutes les réponses étaient là, en moi, et The Journey m’a en toute simplicité donné la clef de cette porte jusqu’alors restée close. Découvrant ainsi la Joie, la Liberté, la Paix. De tout mon Coeur, Merci !


The Journey Brought Us Closer Together

My wife and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary on Sunday. We normally go to a beach in the south. But we did The Journey Intensive and Advanced Skills Day. It was an anniversary we will carry and live the rest of our lives. It brought us closer together than any sunny beach. Thank you.

Tom Dominique, MI

My Children Will Be So Happy To See Their Mom Play Again

This was the most beautiful and intensive therapy I have ever experienced. I was so fearful of what was going to come up but just being in the energy and this openness helped me open up and let me take back my power. Today I really allowed myself to feel my anger that it was ok to voice the things I need from others even if it was hard to disappoint someone else. I learned to play again like a child. Thank you. Thank you. My children will be so happy to see their mom play again. I believe this work is my calling and some was I will be bringing this to children everywhere.

Nikki McKernan, ON

You’ve Given Me My Voice

Where do I begin? Thank you. You’ve given me my voice. A loving, truth speaking voice. You’ve given me a trust in my loving source. I watched you take we broken humans under your wing and nurture and love. Thank you for giving me my husband. Thank you Source. I am blessed, truly blesses. With deep gratitude I say thank you!

Sherry Davis, MI

Anton W., Österreich

“Ich dachte immer Selbsterfahrungsseminare wären nichts für Realisten wie ich es bin. In diesen zwei Tagen habe ich mit Freude erfahren, dass es wohl nichts “Realeres” gibt als das eigene Ich. Die Selbsterfahrungen haben mich zutiefst betroffen und der Weg “The Journey” hat mir gezeigt, wo das eigentliche Ich sitzt. Nicht im Kopf, sondern in der Seele. Ich danke von Herzen”

Anton W., Tirol, JI Wien 2011

Erika, Salzburg

„Ich bin verängstigt und verzweifelt angekommen, befreit und erleichtert nach Hause gegangen. Ich fühlte mich bestens aufgehoben, behütet und getragen.”


Marina, Bayern

„Kein Psychologe hat das geschafft, was ich mit eurer Hilfe aufdecken durfte. In Dankbarkeit und Frieden “


Best-Selling Author Dr Deepak Chopra on The Journey Method

Brandon Bays takes her reader on a journey of astounding inspiration.

Dr. Deepak Chopra, Best-selling author of Seven Spiritual Laws of Success