Bet Diening-Weatherston

Canada & USA
Bet is a real lover of Truth. She’s passionate about creating a safe and trusting space that inspires in others a willingness to explore the truth of who they really are. She has learned that everything we experience in life can be seen as a gift. Bet invites delegates to heal themselves by unwrapping the seemingly impossible traumas, diseases and hardships they’ve been through with compassion, clarity and forgiveness.

She walks the talk with delegates, bringing current real life examples into her teachings for all to learn from. In open exposure, and from a place of vulnerability, Bet helps stave off the noise of life by holding a higher vision of each of us than we can presently see for ourselves.

Bet has been a teacher, a businesswoman and is currently a Journey and Visionary Leadership presenter, coach, practitioner and the lead trainer in North America.

Bet lives with her husband, Cam, in the rainforests of British Columbia, Canada. She has a private coaching business called, ‘Would You Be Willing…To Live Life In Truth-Consulting’. Their two sons are presently studying at university, exploring their lives from whole new perspectives.

Bet is a contributing author to Brandon Bays’ booked entitled, ‘Living the Journey’.