Dealing with Depression

Is fear, anxiety or stress prevalent in your life and limiting the quality of your life?

Depression is fast becoming a worldwide epidemic, with approximately 350 million people globally experiencing some form of depression. It’s considered to be the biggest ‘psychological’ disorder in the Western world. It is predicted that by 2020 depression will be the second-biggest cause of disability in the world after heart disease.

Co-Founder and CEO of The Journey, Kevin Billett - author of multiple articles, workshops and a well-received book on depression - had himself suffered from depression for decades until one Journey Process removed the underlying symptoms and changed his life forever over, some 23 years ago.

In the last twenty-plus years The Journey has been massively successful in helping people uncover the underlying reason for their emotional shutdowns and suppression, and has helped tens of thousands of sufferers lighten their burden or remove the symptoms of depression completely.

From early childhood on we’re told what is expected of us and how we are meant to behave and feel, with some behaviours and feelings being punished (often publicly) while others are rewarded and encouraged.

By trying to fit in, avoid punishment and be accepted and approved of, we all develop strategies that ultimately mean living a lie, compromising our ability to feel the unbridled joy of life. Our three core three behavioural strategies are:
  • Inflation - we pump ourselves up and pretend to appear stronger, bigger or more confident than we actually are (showing off, boasting, blaming, bullying or acting superior)
  • Deflation - we collapse and suppress our hidden feelings to protect ourselves in some way (playing small,collapsing, hiding, withdrawing and playing victim )
  • Rigidity - become uptight and rule-bound and build emotional walls or boundaries around us to keep our feelings at bay (creating inner tension, anxiety, criticism, judgement or perfectionism)

Even if you’ve never been diagnosed with depression, it’s very likely you experienced one or more of the following symptoms, indicating that your avoidance strategies actually don’t work:

Stress, restlessness, malaise, negativity, nervousness, withdrawal, dissatisfaction, feeling down or ‘blue’, anxiety, burnout, fatigue, foggy brain, lethargy, loss, sadness, grief, purposelessness, lack of intimacy, numbness, apathy, pointlessness, trapped, hopelessness, suicidal.

At The Journey Intensive true freedom is on offer. Using The Journey Processes, you’ll be at conscious choice to decide what you want from life. It feels like a weight of inertia and heaviness is lifted from our shoulders and you’ll experience energy, creativity and purpose instead.

You might find that over time you’ll naturally be inviting even more expansive emotions like bliss, joy, happiness, passion, love and more ... to flow naturally and consistently throughout your life.
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