Transform your Life in just 3 Days!

Transform your Life in just 3 Days!

Experience The Journey Intensive
Live in London with Brandon Bays
19-21 October 2018

Experience The Journey Intensive
Live in London with Brandon Bays
19-21 October 2018

Is The Journey Intensive for you?

  • Do you sometimes feel stuck or that life’s a struggle?
  • Do you often feel that you could do better in life?
  • Do you ever experience overwhelm or stress?

We live in hectic and confusing times. As a society we have more affluence than ever, yet so many of us experience struggle and the feeling that something’s missing…

Over the last 20 years, thousands of people around the world have experienced The Journey Intensive and found profound and life changing answers to those questions and more.

Whatever your personal life challenges, no matter what techniques you have previously tried, the tools you’ll learn during this 3-day event with Brandon Bays have proven to make you more resilient to life’s challenges and experience a more purposeful and fulfilled life.

At the live event you’ll discover a range of tools designed and developed by Brandon Bays and learn to apply them to facilitate rapid change and long-lasting transformation.

Because the seminar is experiential and relies on ‘doing the work’, Brandon invites dozens of Journey Practitioners and trainers to be available all during the weekend.

You will love the incredibly high level of support and care you will receive during the event.

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Why Are People Attending The Journey Intensive With Brandon Bays?

Living in these hectic and tumultuous times, many of us experience high levels of emotional stress and physical distress, emptiness and longing, or dissatisfaction and a sense of meaninglessness. We seek solutions outside ourselves, looking for new and innovative answers to life’s problems and yet somehow still end up feeling unfulfilled.

So…some people attend The Journey Intensive because they feel stuck, as though they are not really living.

Some come to finally resolve relationship or family issues. Some to address health and well-being, the emotional distress of fears or low self-esteem. Some come to find a way to finally clear depression, stress and anxiety, which are so common today.

Some long to connect in a deeper and more meaningful way with their inner selves, and are seeking spiritual advancement and liberation.

Whatever your personal life challenges, no matter what techniques you have previously tried...

The Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays can help you become healthier, more connected with yourself and others, and free to live life with more energy, confidence, joy and happiness

At the live seminar you will:

  • Heal from emotional or physical issues, releasing old hurts or trauma
  • Connect with your emotions and the deep truth of who you are
  • Open to a life of trust, inner peace and present moment awareness

A Personal Process That’s As Unique As You Are...

The Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays has proven to be effective in supporting healing in all areas by providing direct access to the unconscious subliminal programs that have been running your life up to now, and the techniques that will allow you to rewrite your own life’s ‘operating system’.

At this live event, Brandon Bays herself will guide you through a range of unique processes, inquiries and introspections designed to uproot old, disempowering patterns or habits and create space for an uplifting, naturally positive awareness instead.

Our experience of over twenty years in the transformational field teaching thousands of people, no other healing modality is faster or more effective.

After just three days of experiencing revealing honesty, releasing tears and joyous laughter, leave your old habits and the old you well and truly behind.

You’ll leave free to experience life fully, empowered to consciously choose your actions, and fully able to deal with new life situations from a place of love and compassion, free from the fear and doubt of your old restrictive patterns.

In just three days - begin to transform your life for good in all these areas…

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Here is what others are saying about the 3-day Journey Intensive

  • Very powerful – on every level.

    Jitka N.
  • This work has been one of the most profound healing modalities for me personally and a great tool... I highly recommend this work to anyone that feels stuck in their life, and is wanting to experience something more.

    Seth L.
  • A big “thank you“ for this weekend. I learned powerful tools and I feel empowered: it is profoundly transformative...I am really grateful to have been part of this experience.

    Reine V.
  • The Journey has changed my life. I was burnt out physically and mentally...I have been through years of psychology and psychiatry and I feel I got more from the 3 day retreat. I believe in myself and I believe I am where I need to be.

    Dan H.

The 3-day Journey Intensive

Holiday Inn Brentwood Lock
Commerce Road, Brentford, Middlesex

19th-21th October 2018

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Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays Brandon Bays & Arnold Timmerman
London, United Kingdom
595 £
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