Freedom from
Depression for JPs

Exclusively for Journey Practitioners, discover how to identify and clear the real causes of depression. Informative and experiential, the workshop is based on Kevin Billett’s personal experience of freeing himself from clinical depression.

Prerequisite: Life Transformation Week

A two-day training workshop

for Journey Practitioners on Kevin’s latest work; identifying the real causes of depression and clearing it out completely. The work is based on his own experience of suffering from clinical depression, and becoming totally free from it. The course will be informative and experiential.

2-day workshop with Kevin Billett
Level II - Journey Practitioner Program
PREREQUISITE: Completion of the Journey Practitioner Program

A special Journey Practitioner training

Identify the real causes and patterns of depression using specially adapted Journey process work. Use them to help clients or loved ones who may suffer from depression. If you yourself have ever experienced anything from a mild case of ‘the blues’ through to full-blown diagnosed depression, this course will allow you to identify what’s really been causing the pattern and address it successfully.

A must if you wish to work effectively
and with the deepest clarity with a
very common client issue

Discover what depression is and what it’s not – and what worked for Kevin

Discover the background to depression and how it’s commonly treated, along with the risks, dangers and lack of effectiveness of traditional approaches over the long term. You’ll go on to find out what really causes depression – the factors, conditioning and circumstances that can be involved.

Around 359 million people worldwide (source: World Health Organization) suffer with depression and emotional shutdown. We often learn at an early age to keep our emotions in check, under wraps, hidden, and that it is easier to keep feelings or emotions at bay, especially the ‘unwanted’ ones that create discomfort for our loved ones or are judged by society as inappropriate.

Kevin designed this course to help you get to the root cause of any sign of shutdown and depression and set yourself free of any limitation. In this workshop you are guided to be open to the energy, passion, and joy of life.

At Freedom from Depression - Journey Practitioner`s Training you will

  • Discover the most effective way to approach the issue as a Journey Practitioner
  • Uncover some dos and don’ts that will really help you and your clients
  • Experience how to get to the root causes and really clear them
  • Understand the lifestyle and circumstantial factors that will make a difference over the long term