Deeply liberating three-day seminar

The Journey Intensive will help you reveal your full potential and discover how to harness your body’s own power to heal. During three profound days of sublime openness, total honesty and complete surrender, you’ll set yourself free.

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Heal your life
and set yourself free in three profoundly transformative days

The Journey Intensive is designed to help you reveal your full potential and discover how to harness your body’s own power to heal. During three profound days of sublime openness, total honesty and complete surrender, you’ll set yourself free. You’ll release deep blocks, beliefs and vows from their vice like grip in your subconscious. Leaving you free to enjoy peace of mind, experience greater joy, and begin to live from love, not fear. 

A three-day course 
Level 1 – Personal Transformation Program & Journey Practitioner Program
Important: The Journey Intensive is a pre-requisite to all other Journey advanced level workshops and retreats

How the Journey Intensive can help change your life on all levels

People come to the Journey Intensive for a host of reasons. Some feel stuck in their lives, or held back from achieving their full potential. Others come to resolve relationship issues, ill health or depression. Still others want to connect deeper with their spiritual self. Whatever your personal life challenges, the Journey Intensive can help you become healthier, happier, more connected with yourself and others, and free to live as your true self.
  • Clear out unhealthy cell memories
  • and leave your past behind
  • as you re-write your destiny

A personal process that’s unique to you

The Journey Intensive is effective in all areas because it gives you direct access to the subliminal programs that have been running your life up to now – and to which only you hold the key. You’ll follow a unique process that lets you find that key and uproot old, disempowering habits and create space for conscious awareness instead. No other modality works as fast or as effectively. After just three days of searing honesty, tears and laughter, you’ll leave your old habits well and truly behind. You’ll leave free to feel your emotions fully, enjoy the power to choose your actions wisely, and know how to come from love, not fear in every situation.

In just three days

you can begin to transform your life for good

The Journey Intensive at a glance

DAY 1 Release emotional blocks and clear the way for true healing

On day one you’ll experience an Emotional Journey process and uncover deeply buried emotional blocks that have been holding you back in life. You’ll also release repressed cell memories that might have been the root cause of physical illness or emotional shutdown.

DAY 2 Experience a guided meditation to heal your body

During the Physical Journey you’ll uncover and clear out old cell memories that have caused physical disease or unhealthy tension in your body. This is the same healing power that set Brandon free from her tumor and you’ll experience its powerful impact yourself.

DAY 3 Learn Journey Advanced Skills for profound healing

These life-changing tools will enable you to experience true forgiveness on a cellular level. This will help you heal from past trauma, physical illness and emotional shutdown. Developed by Brandon Bays, these tools and skills will serve you everyday, for the rest of your life.

Satsang – your opportunity to ask 1-on-1 questions

During daily Satsang sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Brandon (or your country’s presenter) any questions you may have. You’ll also be invited to share your experiences in an intimate and safe environment. Many deep realizations are uncovered during this powerful session.

The Journey Intensive is the first step in two programs designed to transform your life on all levels. It also opens the door to becoming a Journey Accredited® Practitioner.

At the Journey Intensive you will:

  • Experience emotional healing that will liberate you to be your true self
  • Undergo a physical process that will reveal and clear hidden blocks to your health, allowing you to heal at a cellular level
  • Discover the truth of who you really are
  • Leave with new found freedom, joy and peace in your life

What graduates of the Journey Intensive say:

The Journey has profound healing results

The Journey Process developed by Brandon Bays is a deceptively simple technique that facilitates emotional and physical self-healing in the shortest possible time. It can be learned and applied by anyone almost immediately, yet is able to catalyze profound healing results even after other modalities have been tried and failed. I would recommend The Journey Process wholeheartedly to anyone.

Ian Watson, Co-Founder of The Lakeland College for Homeopathy; Author of 'A Guide to the Methodologies of Homeopathy'

It gives you courage and allows you to face your fears

The journey experience is more than simply an experience. It is transformational. It connects you with your inner core and it allows you to be strong in the face of fear. It gives you courage and is such a positive tool that you want to share the experience with loved ones.

Louise Sanda, Accredited Journey Practioner in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If everyone did the Journey Intensive we could heal the world

“Everyday in my office I witness deep, lasting transformation. I see people freeing themselves from bouts of depression, allergies, anxiety, grief, low self-esteem, debilitating mood disorders and physical ailments such as blood pressure, IBS, migraines – even cancer!”

Marie-Sylvie Roy, Journey Practitioner

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