Relationships in Freedom

Freedom in Relationships:

“Take a truthful look in the relationships mirror, clear your insecurities, false assumptions and ‘blind spots’, and discover the real secrets to living in openness, bliss and freedom with your intimate beloved. Learn to dance as emptiness, the One – in life and in Love!”

Discover Deepest Fulfilment and Bliss in Intimate Relationships

Brand-new 3-day seminar with Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett

Our intimate relationships can be the source of Life’s deepest fulfilment, bliss and wellbeing – or they can trigger us into the most painful of reactions and ego game playing. They can be the most profound and beautiful of Life experiences, or they can spark the worst in us and leave us feeling devastated, worthless, inadequate, frustrated or even raging.

Brandon and Kevin in GangaRelationships can be the best of mirrors. They can accurately reflect our deepest, most hidden life issues – the issues that our soul is just begging us to recognise and let go of. But we need to know how to ‘look’ into the mirror, how to truthfully recognise what is being reflected back to us, and what to do about what we discover. And that is what Relationships in Freedom is all about.

Take a moment to check: on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your most intimate relationship right now? Just check inside your body… Is there room for improvement, room for growth, a prayer for something better? Then please read on…

At Relationships in Freedom we will:
  • Create a safe and sacred space that will allow you to open, explore and clear relationships issues at the deepest level
  • Discover what the ‘mirror’ of relationship has to teach us about our deepest Self, and what we can do to clear the veils that limit our expression and enjoyment of real intimacy
  • Uncover the secret relationship stories we have nurtured and identified with since childhood, learn the painful costs of holding on to these unconscious fantasies and clear once and for all these lies that have trapped us
  • Learn and use Brandon’s latest techniques to clear ‘Soul Contracts’ and free ourselves from the shackles and binds of our long ago commitments
  • Discover the communication traps that can break, and the skills that can heal and deepen, our intimate relationships
  • Uncover and clear the projections of blame, defence and victimhood that could otherwise be destroying our closest relationships
  • Learn how our deepest ego drives and instinctive drives can bring out the best or the worst in us, and how to free ourselves from their hooks
  • Learn how to see beyond the ‘cardboard cut-outs’ of false relating, how to drop the pretences, and dance the dance of Freedom, as the One
  • Learn how to live in Truth, openly and freely in closeness, openness and intimacy
  • Leave in the confidence, the bliss, the Truth of your own deepest Self, ready to thrive and be blessed by one of Life’s greatest treasures – your Relationship in Freedom

For: Journey Grads

You are welcome with or without a partner!

Please note that accommodation and meals for the Relationships in Freedom Retreat are not included in the cost of the retreat. However, in order to provide the deepest and most liberating experience for you, it is mandatory to stay at the venue for the duration of the Relationships in Freedom Retreat.

Please be assured that we have negotiated an extremely competitive rate for our group, which includes accommodation and all meals. You have the option to book this retreat for either 2 nights or 3 nights – your confirmation letter will indicate how to book your full-board accommodation.

For delegates at the Mennorode in the Netherlands, you can book via the following link:
For any additional nights, of if you have dietary requirements or want to share with someone – you can do this directly with the online booking form.


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