In the Footsteps of St Francis

“Something unseen but nonetheless palpable draws spiritual seekers to this exquisite little corner of the world.”

An intimate Satsang Retreat with Brandon Bays

‘In the Footsteps of St. Francis’ in and around Assisi, Italy – Next dates to be announced

If you are Journey Intensive Grad or Journey Practitioner, then this retreat is for you. This year we’re opening 25 spots to all Journey Grads to join Brandon in a private pilgrimage called ‘In the Footsteps of St Francis’, an opportunity to spend time with her in a small intimate group for the full 5 days. We begin the retreat at the 11th century Franciscan convent (which has been converted into a modern Zen–like four-star hotel) and we’ll go on to visit the spiritually charged hotspots as well as spending time in the fire of deep spiritual reflection.

Open for 25 Journey Intensive Grads and 15 Journey Practitioners

During our time together we will:
  • Experience daily yoga, chanting and meditation
  • Experience classical dialogue-style Satsang sessions outdoors in nature (weather permitting)
  • Walk the same paths St Francis walked and sit in the stillness of the church* he built with his own hands.
  • Visit the same cave in which he spent the last days of his life.
  • And meditate on the same hillside where he received stigmata.

*Teachings are not aligned to any particular faith.

This retreat is for everyone who has completed a Journey Intensive and would like to deepen their experience of grace during an intimate spiritual Pilgrimage with Brandon, where we are immersed in yoga, classical Satsang sessions, chanting, meditation, all in a spiritually charged environment.

Brandon’s personal invitation to you!



Over the last several years many of you have watched as I have offered a powerful, 3-week Satsang pilgrimage to the spiritually charged sacred sites in India, only available to Journey Practitioners. You may have wished you could come, but you either couldn’t take that extended period time off work or from family or just plain weren’t eligible as you hadn’t yet undergone the full Journey Practitioners programme.

So last year I decided to open it up to everybody – to all Journey grads. To offer the Satsang pilgrimage in Europe in one of our European spiritually charged ‘hot spots’, Assisi. And following on from that hugely empowering pilgrimage, I am offering it again in 2013. On our Satsang pilgrimage we will steep in the powerful presence of stillness, so omnipresent, in the areas where St. Francis walked, sat and lived. And as with all our Satsang pilgrimages we will have daily Yoga, chanting, meditation, nature walks, all centred around Satsang where you and I can personally interact st francistogether, where the powerful presence of truth strips away old patterns, limitations and concepts. And, as in the Journey when we ask grace ‘use me’, St. Francis’ most fervent prayer was, ‘Lord make me an instrument of thy peace’. So we will be immersing ourselves in these most universal of teachings which were an expression of this simple mystics life and bathing in the peace that is underlying the whole region.

In the last five years I have taken two personal pilgrimages to the Assisi region and found the stillness there to be a healing balm to my soul.

So I invite you to immerse yourself in the mystical presence of stillness that is Assisi, as we walk together ‘in the footsteps of St. Francis’ this June.

All love and blessings and I’ll meet you there, in the stillness,

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This sacred pilgrimage begins in Assisi at the Hotel Ora,, an 11th century Franciscan convent converted into a very modern Zen–like four-star hotel. Please arrive from 14.00h and no later than 17.00h for registration and check-in.

We will complete the ‘In the Footsteps of St. Francis’ journey in Sansepolcro at the Hotel ‘La Balestra’, on Saturday after breakfast.

This retreat is offered with shared accommodation. All your vegetarian meals and refreshments are included.

Simultaneous translation to German, Italian and Czech can be offered for an additional cost.

This very intimate retreat is open to 25 Journey Grads and is limited to maximum 40 people, 15 spots are reserved for Journey Practitioners.

For Bookings and Enquiries please book below, contact, or call our office +44 (0)1656 890 400.

Participants share after the first Assisi Pilgrimage:

The decision to be an instrument of grace some years ago, felt so beautiful here in Assisi. As if I was drawn to this place to feel how profound this word ‘yes’ is. The whole pilgrimage I felt carried by love, without ‘doing’ anything, just being present. It’s amazing how during every seminar, every event veils are being lifted and I become more aware of my true nature. I am very grateful to Brandon and all of you for that!

The pilgrimage is still so very present and was so holy and healing. I’m grateful to have experienced such a deep connection to Saint Francis. I am empowered in the knowing that I am perfect the way I am, I am blessed and I am loved! It was so wonderful to heal my relationship with my partner during this pilgrimage. This experience will be with me forever, I thank you with all my heart and I’ll be back next year.

Gratitude overflows: to have shared such a sublime experience is to be truly blessed, and participating in such a small intimate group seemed to intensify the experience. The Umbrian countryside is beautiful, and combined with the energy, teaching and nature allowed stillness to seep into every part of my being and the busyness and ‘doing’ of my every day life just melted away and was subtly replaced with the peacefulness of being.

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