The story behind The Journey

Having been guided by the light of her soul to heal completely and naturally from a basketball size tumor in just 6½ weeks, Brandon Bays knew her radical, life-changing experience had to be shared with the world. So she put pen to paper and described her experiences in her international bestselling book The Journey®. The success of the book, and the world’s thirst for the work, led to the development of a series of workshops and seminars. These are now offered in 47 countries on 5 continents.

Today Brandon is recognized as one of the world’s most dynamic and innovative mind-body-healing teachers. The Journey is one of the most powerful healing modalities available anywhere, and attracts people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the powerful, tangible and lasting results this work delivers.

A world awakening

Through her continuous travels, interactions and immersion in cultures around the world, Brandon has directly experienced a wave of awakening and a shift in consciousness around the globe.

“Increasingly, people are recognizing the huge untapped potential that lies within, and as a result, they experience an undeniable longing to come home to themselves. I invite you to take the unique opportunity of The Journey to dive into the core of your being, liberate your untapped potential and apply it in every area of your life.”

Brandon Bays

A visionary partnership

Kevin Billett is Brandon’s life partner, co-founder and CEO of The Journey companies. He has co-designed many of the curriculum events with Brandon and pioneered the Visionary Leadership Programme, Out of the Blue and The Enneagram Masterclass. 
Kevin also presents Healing with Conscious Communication and The Enneagram Masterclass. Together with Brandon, he co-presents the most powerful course of The Journey, the No Ego Retreat.

Loved for his disarming sense of humor, warmth and down-to-earth straightforwardness, Kevin’s willingness to expose his own truths, unguarded, relaxes people. It allows them to explore the blocks and veils that have limited them and open into the deepest experience of their full potential. This allows them to apply it in all areas of their life – career, finances, relationship, home, recreation, sport and creativity. Some of his groundbreaking work is included in ‘Consciousness The New Currency,’ a book that addresses all our blocks to living in abundance, which Kevin co-authored with Brandon Bays.

Kevin’s greatest love is facilitating the deepest realization of our human potential:

“It’s time to make a fundamental choice. We can settle for life as we have experienced it so far, with its limitations, pretenses and suffering. Or we can wake up, stop the pretenses and turn to face our fears – instead of burying them or running away from them. We can choose to look the ‘tiger’ in the eye and realize it was always a paper tiger. We can embrace reality and live life so fully that our resistances melt and our limitless potential is unchained and flourishes. For me, it is a choiceless choice…”

Kevin Billett