Proof of healing

Brandon’s inspiring story is proof of the healing power that exists within every individual.

John Gray, Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Advanced Skills workshop

A Very Fulfilling Beautiful Experience

A very fulfilling beautiful experience. At first I had serious doubts if I could be a processor and do the work but my experience was most successful, positive, full of surrounding love and encouragement. I was able to open up so much and felt good about the fact that I processed effectively.


The Spirit of Wisdom, Invitation to Greatness and Wholeness Was With Everything

The spirit of wisdom, invitation to greatness and wholeness was with everything. As a trainer I was able to gain a new perspective that has deepened my understanding of application of all the concepts and principle that accompany the use of both the emotional and physical journey.

Sandy Jones, BC

I Went Deeper Into the Core of My Emotion than I Have Ever Gone Before and the Results Were Amazing

Wow! By doing the physical process with all those mini-processes we learned, I went deeper into the core of my emotion than I have ever gone before and the results were amazing.

Ginnette Seguin, ON

So Much Hope for My Future

With the tools I have now and the ones I with learned in Advanced Skills I have so much hope for my future (and I haven’t had that in a very long time).

Tanya Strand, BC

I Finally Got There

I made the wish to find my true love inside myself and I finally got there!

Marie-Josee Sevigny, ON

I Now Believe that It Is Not Possible to Be Impossible

I now believe that it is not possible to be impossible… This class has so much information in it that I was sitting there thinking sometimes that there is no way that I am learning all this until Skip (Senior Journey Practitioner and the senior trainer for North America) started asking questions and I could just rattle off the answers like I had been working with it for years not hours but that is the beauty of the whole thing all you really do is ask some questions the person you are processing is doing all the work for themselves. How crazy is that? But, I also feel that is why it works. You are just their to witness the beauty of source as people uncover the truth about themselves so they can be free.

Corey Carlson, Battle Creek, MI

The Journey Brought Us Closer Together

My wife and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary on Sunday. We normally go to a beach in the south. But we did The Journey Intensive and Advanced Skills Day. It was an anniversary we will carry and live the rest of our lives. It brought us closer together than any sunny beach. Thank you.

Tom Dominique, MI