Skip Lackey

Skip is one of the original people with Brandon in the early days of The Journey before it became a process and is mentioned in her first book. He has been in the personal growth, leadership and wellness fields for over 30 years and has worked directly with over 12,000 clients, taught over 1000 workshops and done over 1000 personal appearances. He was the CEO for Evolution Unlimited – the personal growth seminar company that offered The Journey in North America before he took a much needed break from traveling and is thrilled to be back teaching The Journey again in the US and Canada.

Skip was also instrumental in the creation of Conscious Company – a leadership development company that trained and certified 100’s of Visionary Leadership Coaches in North America. During his hiatus from teaching The Journey, he was busy building several new businesses and you can see what he’s been up to at

Skip also spent over 25 years working in the entertainment industry in every way imaginable and performed live for well over 1 million people on Broadway, Movies, TV, Commercials and he was even a game show host for Nickelodeon and a Ringling Brothers Clown. He brings his sense of humor and presence to everything he does!