Marie-Sylvie Roy

Marie-Sylvie is a clinical psychologist who’s worked in private practice for the past 20 years. She was trained in different modalities of healing from traditional medical healing to Eastern approaches. Several years ago, Marie-Sylvie was introduced to the Journey and it literally transformed her practice and her life. She went on to become an accredited practitioner as well as a certified Visionary Leadership coach.

Totally committed to healing and freedom, Marie-Sylvie shares with enthusiasm and passion the profoundly transformational and healing power of The Journey tools. She found in the Journey a way to access profound transformation and witnessed healing in the physical, emotional and spiritual realm. Finally, she found a tool that grasps and uses the unlimited potential that exists in all of us. A tool vast enough and wide enough to include all possible human experience and restore meaning and dignity even to the most ‘damaged one’. Her commitment is simply to spread the word about the fact that there is a way, there is a tool, there is a path for healing. Its only request is that you want to take it.