Marianne Mark

Marianne presents the Journey seminars in Danish in Denmark. Since a young age Marianne was on the search for a deeper truth, but somehow in the 30ties got caught in the wheel of work and family until she got a wakeup call in terms of her own health conditions. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

“ So in 2010 I found the book The journey and 2 weeks later I was on my first JI course in England - from then on I have not looked back. The false layers were so ready to come off that it all happened much faster than I had ever expected possible and the physical health came back on track without surgery, medicine etc. After experiencing the magical power of the journey tools on my self- I just had to continue the journey work with clients. Here I also experienced magical results, that were so powerful, that I just had to continue my work with The Journey deeper and deeper. Today I do not search for the truth any longer- it is here right now.”

Marianne has a background working with nature and thus also combines the stillness of nature in her work. Marianne has also written practical books on nature; “but now time has come to combine healing of earth and people in a totally different way, than I ever thought possible. We will do journey work in nature and it will make the journey work even deeper and thus healing people with journey tools will heal earth in the long run.”