Gaby Burt

Gaby Burt is a native Austrian and a businesswoman. She first experienced The Journey in 1996 and was deeply touched by the way the work transformed peoples’ lives in such a positive way. Gaby first joined the organization as a volunteer, and in 2000 was asked by Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett (Journey co-founder, CEO, and Brandon’s husband) to become a joint guardian and Director for the Journey.

Since then, Gaby has been instrumental in introducing The Journey method worldwide. It has now expanded across the globe, and is currently offered in 44 countries. The book, The Journey, has been translated into 21 languages and hundreds of thousands of people have and are benefitting from its teachings. Having worked alongside Brandon over the past 16 years, The Journey is part of Gaby’s everyday life. She’s deeply steeped in its teachings and it’s her natural and deep personal prayer to make Journey work more widely available in Austria.

Gaby says, “When I first experienced the profoundly liberating Journey tools, it became my deepest prayer to make this work available to every human being on mother earth”. This prayer is still the major force in Gaby’s everyday life.

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