Physical Health

Are you facing ill health or ongoing physical issues?

Our emotions have a direct influence on our physical well-being. In the past it was believed that our inherited genetics determined our future, and that whatever diseases or conditions our forefathers had experienced would eventually become our own fate. Epigenetics, ‘control above the genes’, has changed this notion and taught us that we can be responsible for the expression of the genes in our DNA.

That your emotional health and your ingrained belief systems can switch your genes ‘on’ or ‘off’ is a relatively new scientific finding. It illustrates the impact of our belief systems on our emotional, physical and general wellness.

Our belief systems have a direct link to our subconscious thoughts. Our thoughts directly influence our emotions, and our emotions and beliefs influence the expression of genes in our DNA – and that ultimately affects many aspects of our body’s health and vibrancy.

Fortunately, at The Journey Intensive you’ll be shown how to access your unconscious belief systems, and change them for healthy ones. You’ll access old, repressed memories and emotional and physical traumas that are stuck at a cellular level and you’ll learn how to release them. And all this can clearing goes so deeply it can even influence the health of your DNA!

One of the signature Journey Intensive tools is called the Physical Journey. This powerful process teaches us how to:
  • Identify, uproot and clear out the old mistaken patterns that have become part of our unconscious programming
  • UsE guided imagery to rediscover the root causes of our initial pain or trauma
  • Emotionally complete our unfinished business with whom or what co-created our cell memories in the first place
  • Naturally come to peace and forgiveness with what happened to us in the past
  • Create room for new, healthier choices and beliefs that become our natural way of being
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