Emotional Wellbeing

Do you feel stuck or know that there’s ’just got to be more to life’?

Emotions are really ’energies in motion’. In an ideal scenario, emotions naturally come and go. Yet, many of us have, often unconsciously, adopted strategies that make us suppress or avoid our emotions, especially the ’bad’ emotions like anger, fear, vulnerability, grief, unworthiness or insecurity, just to name just a few. This suppression ultimately compromises our access to all our feelings, even the ones we’d like more of, like love, passion, confidence, wholeness, zest for life or our own innate creativity.

Most people hold onto or get stuck in one particular mood or state (often influenced by a trauma or experience in our childhood) and our emotional stagnation has a major negative impact on many areas in our life - emotionally and physically. As a matter of fact many of the problems people are facing today are based on the suppression, avoidance or fear of their natural emotions.

The Journey has developed simple and effective ways to access the automatic programs that run our lives, even the ones that we are barely aware of. At The Journey Intensive you’ll discover simple and proven methods to uproot old, disempowering habits and emotional patterns, making space for conscious awareness to blossom instead. You’ll discover how easy it is to feel your emotions fully, let them come, be fully felt and to healthily pass. You’ll be free from your old sense of living on ’automatic pilot’, free to make wise, healthy, self-supportive choices as you move forward in life.

And you’ll learn and directly experience how to:
  • Access old cell memories, the residues of old issues and traumas, and release them
  • Empty out old stored pain and heal from it completely
  • Clear out the cellular blockages to have new cells replicate healthily
  • Forgive yourself, forgive others, forgive life itself and move forward with a newfound sense of completion and wholeness
  • Feel emotions fully, let them pass and enhance your quality of life
  • and more…

At The Journey Intensive, you’ll discover how to separate your actions from your feelings and express yourself in more healthy ways. There’s no need to fake it anymore, no need to stuff down your feelings or mask your true emotions with unhealthy habits or dysfunctional behaviours. When you begin to clean up your hidden belief systems, your emotional and physical health improves. All your decisions begin to align with your highest and deepest healing. You begin to live a vibrant and purposeful life.
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