Abundance and Wealth

Do you feel abundant in all areas of your life, including wealth, health and relationships?

Supposedly we are generally much better off, more affluent, than at any other time in history. So why do so many people want more, sometimes just for the sake of more? Why do we feel dissatisfied or incomplete?

Do you equate the value of your life with your accomplishments or achievements, your titles, your lifestyle or the wealth you have accumulated?

Or maybe wealth to you means an abundance of health, happiness and amazing opportunities - things that somehow seem to be ok for others but still elude you? If life leaves you wanting, it’s imperative that you fully understand the impact your unconscious beliefs have on your abundance and how to change your ‘blueprint’.

If you believe on one hand that you have the right to health and wealth, yet your decisions continually undermine this belief, then you most likely have silent saboteurs actively preventing you from realizing your goals. It’s like having one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brake in life. You try to get traction and move forward, but instead you stay stuck, unable to achieve your full potential of happiness.

There are three main aspects to co-creating abundance in our lives, yet most people are only focusing on the first step. Here are the three areas that will ultimately help you feel at peace and live from a place of gratitude and abundance:
  • Manifesting and drawing abundance - bringing situations and things into your life
  • Flourishing and growing abundance - managing and growing the abundance you manifest
  • Letting go of abundance - understanding when it’s time to let go of situations and things

It’s clear that you have to understand and master all three areas for a life of flow and ease, where you can feel trusting that you will always be looked after.

If you asked yourself what true wealth means to you, what would you say? Would you include all of the following?
  • Vibrant health and energy
  • Meaningful connections and relationships
  • Financial security, independence and self-determination
  • Living a life rich with meaning, purpose and fulfilment
  • Having material possessions and be a generous giver
  • A strong spiritual connection or self-realization
  • Peace of mind

If you currently don’t experience what you want in your life (any area of your life) then most likely your value beliefs are incongruent with your behaviours. In reverse, once your value beliefs change, the right behaviours will naturally emerge, true manifestation happens effortlessly and easily, and this is exactly what The Journey work can help you bring about.

At The Journey Intensive you will begin to manifest that change. Get ready to reclaim your power and create your own abundance in all areas. If your belief system is full of traps and self-sabotaging labels, rules, vows and promises it’s hard to get ahead.

At The Journey Intensive you can clear away limiting patterns and beliefs and truly acknowledge that you’re responsible for your own happiness. This allows you to make conscious and abundant choices and decisions. Once you’ve completely eradicated your silent saboteurs from your subconscious, you begin to align your emotional health with your value beliefs.
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