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Do you never seem to succeed in losing weight? Are you tired all the time? then perhaps it’s time to transform your inner beliefs and let go of the negative self-talk
Changing your life for the better isn’t always easy. If you’ve struggled with addictions to junk food, been stuck in the negative spiral of yo-yo dieting for years, or can’t seem to stick to an exercise plan for more than a few weeks, there are probably some deep-seated negative beliefs buried within, and, unless you root them out and shake them off, like old leaves on a tree, they’ll continue to sabotage your fitness attempts.

But, there are ways to break out of the cycle and replace old, outworn beliefs with ones that support a healthy new lifestyle. One such way is attending an inner transformation course such as The Journey, which helps you uncover limiting beliefs and break through them to reach inner peace.

Healing starts within

Though The Journey is not specifically targeted at people wanting to lose weight, it can help you get to the heart of all sorts of things, such as disordered eating, negative body image or self-sabotaging behaviours that cause you to give up on exercise. For example, you may find your lack of body confidence comes from negative messages you heard from your mum. Or, your inability to stick to training long enough to see results could originate in a belief of being no good at new things, which may have come from your father being critical when you tried new things, or when he did.

“The Journey works by helping you to understand and experience the power of your emotions, and how, if you are willing to feel all of them fully, even the ‘bad’ ones, they can lead you into a deeply peaceful place where you can access, resolve and release old memories and sabotaging beliefs and behaviours,” says Marion Young, a Senior Accredited Practitioner with 14 years’ experience.

Marion says The Journey completely changed her life. Having suffered with chronic fatigue as a child, when it came to sports, she shied away from taking part. “No one would pick me for the team and I developed the belief I wasn’t strong or good enough. I was a very fearful child,” she says. But, thanks to The Journey, which she did in 1999, Marion discovered that it’s OK to feel emotions, including anger and fear, which was a complete

healthy BELIEFS

revelation at the time. Last year she even felt able to train with a PT. “I was literally amazed when my trainer said ‘Marion, you are so strong’. I thought ‘wow, that belief I had as a child, about never being fit, was so untrue’. I’m 56 now, and have more energy and stamina than I ever have in my entire life.”

One reason for this is because, according to Marion, it takes a lot of energy to suppress emotions. “It’s draining to hold emotional pain down in your body. But The Journey can help you to release it.”

It’s OK to feel

Lots of people, especially women, use food as an avoidance strategy for repressing painful emotions. “We eat to literally ‘stuff’ everything back down,” says Marion, who instead advocates pausing for a moment before you reach for the chocolate cake, and asking yourself, ‘What am I actually feeling right now?’

“If you are willing to stay with the feeling long enough, you may notice how much more is going on internally than you realise. Repressed emotional pain adds up, and eventually the cake is not enough to do the job, so, more avoidance strategies are put in place. Often there comes a time when the body says ‘enough’, and perhaps there is a health scare or another wake up call to alert you to deeper issues that need addressing,” she says.

Marion still eats chocolate, but far less than she used to, and now does so consciously, rather than as a knee-jerk reaction to feeling upset. “I used to eat it to repress emotions, but now I can see what’s going on, and choose not to indulge.”

Marion says the biggest hurdle for some people is learning to love themselves as they are. “So many people work out to try and get thin, to gain approval from those around them, but this takes up a lot of energy. Happiness is an inside job, and the more comfortable you feel with the past and your memories, the easier it is to love yourself and to maintain a healthy eating and fitness regime. The Journey helps you to approve yourself as you are. It helped me to fall in love with myself after going through a divorce, despite it being harmonious (she credits The Journey for this) and to appreciate myself and my body exactly as I was. And, I’ve never felt better!”

To find a journey practitioner near you, visit and click on the practitioner tab. The website also contains details of all upcoming Journey Intensive weekends, the next being October 12th-13th. To book a session with Marion Young at her Harley Street practice in London, or at Ewell Village in Surrey, call 07949 095 107; to find out more visit


The process was developed in 1992 by an American, Brandon Bays, who reportedly healed herself of an enormous tumour in a little under seven weeks, much to the amazement of her doctors. She avoided surgery, she says, by instead combining the right nutrition and herbs with kinesiology treatments, meditation and guided visualisation to heal her emotional wounds. The Journey was born out of the result of Brandon’s continuous work on herself, added to her own personal experiences and observations, and is now taught all around the world.

Most people attend a two-day intensive workshop; these attract around 200 people, who gather to listen to spiritual wisdom before pairing off to do the process together. Those who don’t feel comfortable working on their issues in the presence of lots of strangers may feel drawn to a one to-one [sic] session with a practitioner. But, if you go to the two-day event with an open mind and heart, you truly could come away feeling lighter, freer and having released issues that were formerly holding you back, whether you were conscious of them before the weekend.