Attention All No Ego Graduates and Journey Practitioners

Join Kevin Billett live
for the first ever
No Ego Online Support Program

Starting on November 20th

Get clearer on your core fixation. Deepen your practical understanding of the Enneagram model. Learn your unique blend of fixation. Integrate the No Ego teachings into your daily life.

Clarity on how to bring your experiences from the No Ego retreat and the Enneagram teachings into all aspects of daily life.

We’ve created an exclusive and amazing opportunity for all No Ego Graduates and trainee Journey Practitioners worldwide to be part of the first ever 6-month No Ego Coaching Program.

Twice a month, for six months, you’ll meet together with Kevin and other No Ego Graduates (it’s all done online so there is no need to travel!).

It’s the much requested support and coaching program that helps you make the most of what you’ve learned at the retreat and deepen your learning and understanding - from and with Kevin Billett directly.

How No Ego Online Works


Discover the deeper teachings of the Enneagram model and learn to use it to integrate new beliefs and habits into your life.


Gain powerful and applicable insights from Kevin Billett directly - you’ll meet him twice a month, for six months.


Experience dramatic improvements to your health, happiness and spirituality by embracing the Enneagram model for living in your daily life.

Over six months, delivered in live training and teaching sessions, you will:

  • Integrate and assimilate the radical changes you underwent at the No Ego Retreat
  • Get even clearer on your core fixation – including its avoidances, needs, drivers and traps
  • Uncover the true cost to your life of living through your core fixation
  • Understand even more deeply the power of the Enneagram model to help you see through the games of the ego
  • Gain more and deeper insights into the wings of your core fixation the important concept of the lines of movement - and what they mean in everyday life
  • Make sense of your blend of fixation, and learn how to effectively free yourself from it
  • Uncover what self-recognition means in practical and spiritual terms
  • Learn how to live life gracefully and purposefully in Freedom

The No Ego Online Coaching Program is for you, if:

  • You may not yet fully recognize your ego fixation...
    This holds us hostage to the games of pain that we play out in our daily lives. We forget what we’ve learned and fall prey to old and ingrained familiar habits.
  • You know there is more to clear and look at…
    It takes courage and conscious practice to choose freedom over fixation every moment of our lives, especially under stressful conditions. So, together we will unravel and clear the layers of disempowering and negative conditioning and experience healthier and more freeing choices.
  • You have a deep desire for truth and liberation...
    Imagine the clearing, the nurturing and the releasing that take place when each of us takes full responsibility for our personal healing and happiness, whilst in the company of fellow lovers of truth!
  • Your aim is to LIVE the teachings…
    The No Ego Retreat doesn’t stop on the last day of the event. You know that the teachings of the Enneagram through self-exploration, processing and support is a lifelong study


If any of the above resonates with you, then please check out the No Ego Online Coaching Program. It’s a one-off opportunity to work with Kevin, hang out with fellow lovers of truth and gain valuable insights into what really holds you back.

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Here is what the No Ego Online Coaching Program includes:

  • LIVE coaching sessions Kevin Billett
    These live coaching meeting with Kevin take place twice a month. The sessions are about 90 minutes long and are recorded for your convenience. You will receive new teachings on Enneagram, get answer to your questions and get practical homework you can implement before the next call.
  • Paperwork and scripts:
    All necessary materials will be provided to you via our membership site. You will be given your access code so you can familiarize yourself with how to easily navigate through this platform. This is where our online sessions will be held and the recordings will be stored.
  • Private FB group:
    We will use our closed FB group for sharing what we’ve discovered about how our egoic patterns have de-railed us from our purest of intentions and as a way to support and celebrate our milestones of transformation. This is where you can connect with your fellow members and commit to doing process work together.
  • Support:
    Bet Diening-Weatherston with The Journey Team will be holding an embrace of compassion, love and accountability for each of our group members whilst supporting Kevin and the No-Ego Coaching Program.

Reserve Your Place For The No Ego Online Coaching Program Now

This is the first time we are running this program and for this reason want to make it available at a deep discount to all No Ego Graduates and Journey Practitioners.

  • Complete 6-months Enneagram Coaching Online
  • New live coaching call twice a month for 6 months
  • Access to the call replays
  • Interact with Kevin and the rest of the Grads in a Facebook Group
  • Paperwork and scripts for every month
  • Additional coaching and support by Bet Diening-Weatherston and The Journey Team

Choose Your Payment Option

As a Journey Practitioner and No Ego Graduate, you qualify for our special Graduate Pricing of just €497 (Full Price is €997) for the complete 6-months No Ego Online Coaching Program and we also offer a payment plan option with 6 monthly payments.

Payment Plan

  • 6 monthly payments of 97 €
  • 97 € billed monthly
    for 6 months
    for a total of 582 €
197 €
price now 97 €

Single Payment

  • Get one month free
    with one payment
997 €
price now
497 €
If you have any questions about the program
please contact Bet Diening-Weatherston at

We look forward to you joining us in this unique opportunity where together we will learn and grow.

Huge love,
Kevin and Team