Freedom from Depression

Freedom from the real causes of depression

If your life seems dull, grey and empty, or you’ve been diagnosed with depression, or are on anti-depressants, Out of the Blue can help. It’s a powerful, freeing 3-day workshop that will help bring true joy, passion and fulfilment into your life.

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Freedom from the real causes of depression

If your life seems dull, grey, empty and you exist on autopilot – or if you’ve been diagnosed with depression or are on antidepressant medication – Out of the Blue can help turn things around. It’s a powerful and freeing 3-day workshop that will help bring true joy, passion and fulfilment back into your life. You’ll discover why anxiety rules your life and your natural instincts are shut down. If your only available feelings are negative ones, join us and light up your life.

This seminar is offered as an entry level Journey event, so it’s not necessary to have attended a Journey Seminar before.

A 3-day workshop
Out of the Blue is equivalent to the Journey Intensive as a pre-requisite to all other Journey advanced level workshops and retreats

Live an authentic life
full of passion and joy

Kevin Billett is CEO of The Journey and Brandon’s husband. He suffered from chronic depression for over 20 years until he used The Journey to get to the root cause and finish with it completely. He’s a living example of liberation from depression. Using specially designed techniques and processes from The Journey, Out of the Blue offers you the very real possibility of becoming totally free from the trap of depression. It will help you get to the very core of what’s been blocking you and caused you to shut down.

Release and clear your old consciousness and open to the energy, passion and joy of life. True and lasting liberation from depression is possible. So be inspired to set yourself free.

Make a powerful change in your life and
and live fully, joyously, authentically
and passionately

Give yourself the gift
of a more fulfilling life

Out of the Blue is packed with powerful process work you will experience directly. With amazing insights into the human psyche and extremely effective process work you’ll be guided to help undo and clear your longstanding patterns of ill-health, emotional shut-downs and depression. Give yourself the gift of joining this unique workshop – and make a huge shift and powerful change in your life that sets you free.

At Freedom from Depression you will

  • Experience powerful and liberating process work that gets you to the root cause of your shut-downs, emotional suppression, on-going negative emotions and depression
  • Find out what’s been keeping you separate from the real joy and passion of life
  • Clear the consciousness that put these pattern into place and make a shift that positively impacts those around you
  • Step into a life of passion, fulfilment and experience life to its fullest

What graduates of Freedom from Depression say

The workshop evoked a profound healing and a deeper state of awareness and stillness

“I’ve lived an entire lifetime under the erroneous belief that depression was a genetic inevitability, an inescapable inheritance, and one which I would see transmitted to my children. After participating in the workshop with Kevin Billett, I managed to identify the roots of this unwanted legacy, and rip it out from the very core. The workshop helps to distinguish the myths from empirical fact, and gives accessible and effective tools to deal with patterns of depression both personally as well as for use as a Journey Practitioner with clients.”

Nicki Forman-Levitan, Yoga teacher and Journey Practitioner

Eloquent processes that empower you to experience emotions in a full, safe and complete way

“Kevin’s ‘Out of the Blue’ theory of Depression and associated treatment is both refreshing and viable, empowering individuals to grow by releasing previously suppressed, blocked, avoided emotions, unhelpful beliefs and ineffectual coping strategies. Resulting in the capacity to open, allow and trust in the experience of negative Emotions, understanding that emotions like fear, anger, devastation can have the freedom to be felt and let pass. Previously these suppressed, avoided emotions were being stored as cellular memories in the body, contributing greatly to physical Dis Ease and the manifestation of the condition referred to as Depression.”

Dr Sian Dines, Clinical Psychologist

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Freedom from Depression