Greatness I

Authentic Greatness is an intense immersion designed with only one thing in mind: to bring out the highest and deepest, the absolute best in you, so you can live your life with meaning, passion and purpose – the way you were always ultimately destined to live it. This 8-day retreat shows you how to experience your natural genius on a daily basis. Imagine waking up every day fulfilled, satisfied and living with real purpose.

Prerequisite: No Ego

Uncover your infinite potential and reveal your innate genius

We are all born with greatness, a genius capacity that knows itself as infinite potential. Due to life’s traumas, hardships and negative conditioning, we bury that greatness deep inside – we cover it over so completely that we can no longer access it, or we even forget about it completely! This 8-day day retreat shows you how to experience your natural genius on a daily basis.

8-day retreat with Kevin Billett

Give yourself the gift of a life lived in freedom and authenticity – and share it with others

If you are longing to live life as a true expression of your infinite potential, join us at Authentic Greatness I where we will:
  • clear every block we can find that keeps us small
  • heal every bit of negative conditioning that restrains us or keeps us locked in fear, self-diminishment or pretense
  • examine and clear the very specific patterns that cause us to knee-jerk react to life, that trigger us into habitually repeating past mistakes and compromise the soul’s innate largeness

Become a shining example of conscious transformation with loved ones, friends, colleagues and clients
Set yourself free to truly soar as a complete expression of creativity, inspiration and wholeness

At Authentic Greatness 1, we will:

  • Discover how and why we have been playing small, or faking largeness, and learn organic ways to step into our own ego-free greatness
  • Uncover and change our deepest negative beliefs about who we are, what we are and why we are here
  • Pull the rug on our victim, blame and defense games, let go of painful reactions and learn how to respond openly and positively to life
  • Handle crises and traumas with openness, trust and effectiveness
  • Debunk our tendency to play painful and counterproductive games of control, compliance and resistance in life
  • Align our deepest values with our purpose and our vision

What graduates of the Authentic Greatness retreat say:

My Body Has Returned to Normal

Thank you is too insignificant a word to express how I feel about what you have done for me, through the journey process you took me on. It begins in the morning when I wake and I actually feel well rested and can’t wait to get up and begin my day, I feel so happy, hopeful that my life is exactly as it should be, otherwise stressful situations and hurtful events are all things that just wash over me now in a very surreal way, acknowledged but hardly affecting my peace of mind.

The changes are so subtle but so profound, my memory is a hundred times better, no more big lists of to dos), even my hand writing is different, there’s a certain continuity to mundane things, I have begun to do crosswords not something I would have attempted before, can’t spell and too busy, not now life’s a breeze and I get more productive things done. Even the colours in my wardrobe has changed, I used to wear reds and purples (bright loud colours) now there are greens and blues and yellow, a colour I would never have even contemplated wearing a few months ago.

I feel brand new, honestly all these things are amazing, but the most profound change has been in a medical condition that has been progressively getting worse for twenty years, three years ago my Doctor put me on medication to control an out of control bladder, five months ago I had to give up the medication because it was causing other problems, so I had resigned myself to having a over active bladder. Embarrassment and annoyance were my constant companions.

A week after my last process I found myself out without my usual pads, a situation that caused me to immediately return home for some security, as going without wasn’t an option, then I thought, I hadn’t needed to use the toilet all morning, unheard of for me, so for the rest of the day I waited and watched, at first I thought maybe I hadn’t been drinking enough, but no that wasn’t the case, so the next day I tested not daring to hope that this horrible condition had been cured, drank all day and had normal bladder function, that was a little over a month ago and I have not sprung a leak once, and that’s a miracle to my way of thinking, no amount of medical intervention or alternative treatments have worked but something has, so long may it last and I didn’t have to do any anything my body has returned to normal.

M. B., Christchurch

A deep, indescribable joy and unfathomable gratefulness for life

“What to say? Magical India where you receive the direct transmission from the Masters – so palpable it breaks you down, opens you up, turn you upside down and right side up… And leaves you freer and freer as a simple expression of who you truly are! I am eternally grateful for the guidance of Janaki (Brandon) in this endeavor where she expresses her life’s purpose by guiding us skillfully in receiving the Grace of the Masters. The embrace is so big that you can’t help falling in ever more deeply! All the details are so well taken care of that the mind starts to rest.. A deep deep soulful rest.

A true blessing… I am That and so are you!
What a deep joy – indescribable joy – unfathomable gratefulness for life as it plays itself out through the Leila in all its expression and leaves you breathless with awe as you dance in emptiness… This is India!”

Marie-Sylvie (Advanced No Ego 2015)

Välutvecklade processer som hjälper dig att uppleva dina känslor helt, fullt och i trygghet.

Kevins ’Out of the Blue’-teori om depression och tillhörande behandling är både uppfriskande och gångbar genom att hjälpa individer att växa när de får släppa taget om undertryckta, blockerade känslor, ohälsosamma föreställningar och verkningslösa överlevnadsstrategier. Resultatet blir en ny förmåga att öppna, tillåta och lita på negativa känslor, eftersom känslor som rädsla, vrede och hopplöshet då får friheten att kännas och sedan upphöra. Dessa undertryckta känslor lagrades tidigare som cellminnen i kroppen, vilket bidrar både till fysisk ohälsa och till uppkomsten av det tillstånd som benämns depression.

Dr Sian Dines, Klinisk Psykolog