Advanced Skills

An inspiring online course, jam-packed with countless advanced tools, process work and powerful skills.

You'll feel confident and ready to begin Journeywork with anyone in your life.

Dive into the realms of pure compassion, love, freedom, purity and wisdom you never thought was possible.

Now that you've learnt and experienced the fundamental Journey Processes, in the Advanced Skills you will:

  • Learn new campfire techniques that take the emotional, mental and physical freedom to a new level
  • Discover how to break through any challenges
  • Find out what you can do if no feelings show up or how to handle physical resistance and shutdown
  • Learn how to work with different issues like addictive behaviour, reoccurring emotional themes or physical pain

The complete course is offered via our private Journey Community Membership site. You can access the teachings whenever most convenient for you, find a partner to swap with and practice what you’ve learnt!