The Journey
Practitioner Program

Having experienced for yourself the power of transformation with The Journey, you’re in the perfect position to build an abundant business with truth, joy and love.

You transform every aspect of your own life – emotionally, physically, spiritually – and help others to achieve the same.

A personal invitation to...

Share the gift of one of the world’s most effective, self-healing modalities with others as you discover some profoundly healing approaches; deeply transformative understandings and techniques and apply them to almost any aspect of your life and those of others.


Once you have successfully completed our foundation program – The Journey Intensive - you will be what we affectionately refer to as a Journey Grad. An achievement which opens up a whole new world of programs, created to support your continued search for truth.

Through this program

  • Find True Meaning
    you’ll find true meaning, purpose and deep fulfillment in your daily work... as you become part of the change you wish to see in the world!
  • Discover Profoundly Healing Approaches
    You’ll discover some profoundly healing approaches; deeply transformative understandings and techniques that can be applied to almost any aspect of life. You will lead by example as you clear your deepest life issues and facilitate conscious healing as a way of life.
  • Experience True Freedom
    As you progress through each stage of this, most incredible journey you’ll experience true freedom as you shine a light on truth

Stage 1

Journey Intensive & Advanced Skills

Break through any life challenge during this dynamic, inspiring course jam-packed with countless insights, powerful tools and process work pioneered by Brandon Bays.

The Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays has been carefully designed to reveal your full inner potential and help you discover how to harness your body’s own extraordinary healing power.

Using the deeply transforming process work using The Journey Method, you’ll feel free to enjoy more peace of mind, experience greater joy of being, feel whole and fulfilled in yourself, and begin to live from your deepest potential of love, not fear.

When you attend the Journey Intensive you will...

  • Go where no meditation, positive mindset or healthy lifestyle has been able to take you: to the infinite intelligence inside you!
  • Understand why and how your emotions have a significant impact on your health
  • ​Experience deep joy, fulfilment and freedom by clearing out the residue of old emotional wounds and traumas
  • ​Stop ‘looping’ in our negative self-talk and old stories of hurt, criticism or judgement
  • ​Learn how to truly forgive others, yourself, life... and discover the real peace inside
  • ​Develop a lifelong set of skills to get to the root cause of your issues and resolve them
  • ​Release your past traumas and access your body’s profound natural healing capacity
  • ​Realize and genuinely appreciate the gifts and blessings you already have in life

What previous graduates say about the Journey Intensive:

Stage 2

Conscious Abundance Retreat

Clear your hidden limitations and manifest true abundance in all areas of your life.

During this 2 ½ day retreat you’ll uncover the beliefs, fears and unconscious programming that have held you back in life.

Financially. In your career, your health, your creativity and your relationships.

Offering you a unique insight into a deeper truth, revealing how until now you’ve been living with one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brake.

When you attend the Conscious Abundance Retreat you will...

  • Expose and clear the mistaken beliefs that have sabotaged abundance in your life
  • Fulfil your potential to manifest abundance effortlessly, in all areas of your life
  • Discover your heart’s deepest desire and envision a brand new, more fulfilling life
  • Brainstorm a dynamic action plan that gives you practical ways to encourage abundance to flourish in your life
  • Experience new found freedom and finally release the creative genius that resides within you
  • Leave soaring in your true potential, ready to effortlessly draw abundance into all areas of your life: health, creativity, financial wellbeing and relationships

Nurturing, Joyous and Deeply liberating

Once your personal blocks have been revealed, you’ll experience a liberating, deep spring-clean of all the self-denying patterns buried deep inside you and gain a profound and deep gratitude for all that you already have in your life

Your Conscious Abundance Retreat will leave you with a lifelong understanding of how to effortlessly and congruently manifest more of everything you truly desire.

What previous graduates say about the Conscious Abundance Retreat:

Stage 3

Healing with Conscious Communication

Wake up to the deep healing and life transforming power of conscious communication

Discover how your limited perceptions, old conditioning and unconscious communication can compromise your daily life experience, and learn elegant and startlingly effective techniques and process work that will heal and transform – your life and others’

During the 2 ½ day retreat you will transform your ability to communicate and heal as you experience dynamic and powerful process work. By gaining access to your deepest self, you’ll begin to communicate consciously and elegantly.

This will help you facilitate profound healing and transformation within yourself and others.

When you attend the Healing with Conscious Communication Retreat you will...

  • Experience the profound effect of communication on your own emotions, behavior and your body’s ability to heal
  • Get into conscious rapport with your clients – and use language patterns that free and heal
  • Find out how to work with phobias and pain management, deal with conflicting beliefs, unhealthy vows and promises, and liberate yourself from unhealthy behaviors and self-sabotage
  • Work from absolute truth, with the language of empowerment, in an atmosphere of grace

What previous graduates say about the Healing with Conscious Communication Retreat

Stage 4

The No Ego Retreat

Liberate your life from the lie of the ego and live in unbridled freedom

Dive deeply into the blaze of Truth, exposing painful patterns that have constructed your ‘game’, revealing the controlling behaviours that have run your life until now.

This 8-day retreat is not for the faint hearted, nor for those with a passing interest in freedom.

During this, our most powerful retreat you’ll undergo life changing process work.

And when the fire of truth burns through the lies, penetrates the traps and exposes the ingrained core fixation patterns you’ve mistaken as your real self, the scaffolding of your ego falls away - Leaving you with ultimate freedom.

When you attend the No Ego Retreat you will...

  • Discover how you set up your whole personality and the games you’ve played
  • Find compassion for the way we all run our ego trips
  • Liberate yourself from the false identity you have bought into and lived in
  • Expose and clear the patterns and traps that have created so much separation and pain in your life
  • Spend each day experiencing truly liberating, freeing and life-changing process work
  • Ultimately shatter your illusory identity and reveal the liberation of your true self.
  • Leave feeling truly real, soaring in the magnificence of unbounded freedom

Real Transformation

This isn’t just some complicated theory that you will ignore when you return to your day-to-day busy life. You will actually do all the work laying the groundwork and developing the ACTUAL TOOLS that will help you live differently day in and day out. Finally, be empowered to live your life free from limitations and in absolute freedom.

What previous graduates say about the No Ego Retreat:

Stage 5

No Ego Coaching

During this Coaching support program, you will integrate the radical changes you underwent at the No Ego Retreat, become even clearer about your core fixation – including its implications, avoidances, needs, drivers and traps! Plus, you’ll understand even more deeply the power of the Enneagram model to help you see through the games of the ego.

During These 6 Modules, You Will

  • Integrate the radical changes you underwent at the No Ego Retreat
  • Get even clearer on your core fixation – including its avoidances, needs, drivers and traps
  • Uncover the true cost in your life of living with the lies and distortions of your core fixation
  • Understand even more deeply the power of the Enneagram model to help you see through the games of the ego
  • Make sense of your blend of fixation, and learn how to effectively free yourself from it
  • Uncover what self-recognition means in both practical and spiritual terms
  • Learn how to live life gracefully and purposefully in Freedom

Stage 6

Life Transformation Week

Evolve from student to master and become a healing expression of grace

Go from beginner to magician, as you dive into the in-depth work and become a living expression of Grace, catalysing healing on every level for yourself and with everyone you touch.

During this 8-day retreat Brandon Bays will reveal the in-depth techniques needed to create your own designer process, you’ll work energetically at the deepest level of consciousness.

You’ll learn to facilitate The Journey from a place of stillness and Source, letting grace be your guide as you gain an exquisite set of skills to help you work with others fluidly and with grace – from your soul to theirs

With designer skills now part of your DNA, when you attend Life Transformation you will...

  • Throw away the formula and let grace guide you spontaneously and intuitively, with true artistry
  • Feel confident working with a wide array of specific issues including sexual blocks, addictions, abuse, rape, illnesses, obsessions, relationship issues, depression and more
  • Elicit and reveal the real core issues underneath the surface story
  • Experience a Life’s Purpose Process and uncover your soul’s reason for being in physical form

As a Journey Practitioner

you become an integral part of one of the most profound healing work available today and experience an even more profound truth to life, finally discovering the very reason behind your existence on this planet – from where you can begin living as a true manifestation of your purpose.

What previous graduates say about Life Transformation Week:

Are you ready to continue your Journey?

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