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Wealth (Manifest Abundance)

For many people, wealth implies having material possessions, money and other such riches

Do you equate your right to be alive with your accumulated wealth? Or maybe wealth to you means an abundance of health, happiness and amazing opportunities?

Whatever your truth, if life leaves you wanting, it’s imperative that you fully understand the impact your subconscious beliefs have on your dreams. If you believe you have the right to health and wealth, yet your decisions continually undermine this belief, you have silent saboteurs actively preventing you from realizing your goals. It’s like having one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brake. You try to get traction in life and move forwards, but instead you stay stuck, unable to achieve your full potential of happiness.

Some searching questions to ask yourself

To help you discover some of the silent saboteurs in your life that keep wealth at bay, leaving you feeling unfilled, unhappy, and perhaps unwell, ask yourself the following:

Due to our social conditioning we either believe something or we don’t. When it comes to abundance, or lack thereof, we take it personally and believe we deserve what we get.

Reclaim your power and create your own abundance

So if your belief system is full of traps and self-sabotaging labels, rules, vows and promises you will never get ahead. For instance, on one hand you may say to yourself, “I deserve to be happy!” and in the next breath believe, “Only if someone else makes my life perfect can I truly be happy”. In this case you’ve given away your power and have unwittingly become a victim of life’s circumstances.


At The Journey Intensive you can clear away limiting patterns and beliefs and truly acknowledge that you’re responsible for your own happiness. This allows you to make conscious and abundant choices and decisions. Once you’ve completely eradicated your silent saboteurs from your subconscious, you begin to align your emotional health with your value beliefs.

When your value beliefs are congruent with your behavior that’s when true manifestation happens.

Perhaps take a personal inventory of what wealth means to you – for instance:

  • Vibrant health
  • Meaningful connections
  • A safe roof over your head and food on the table
  • Living a life rich with meaning and purpose
  • A strong spiritual practice
  • Peace of mind

Gratitude is attractive

When you set specific intentions in your life, and outline clear and well-defined criteria for attaining them, it will make you much more aware of the opportunities that unfold. Otherwise, if you don’t recognize the things and experiences in life that inspire you, how can you celebrate and be grateful when they manifest themselves?

So take a moment to define your goals and intentions. Explore what it will feel like to live the ideal life you want to manifest. Are you living a life of gratitude for everything that has manifested itself through you – both for your personal benefit and for humanity’s gain? What regular practices are you willing to put in place to continue living this way?

There are three main aspects to co-creating abundance in our lives. These are:

Manifesting means we actively pursue and target whatever we define as wealth. We need to nurture and feed abundance so it can flourish and grow. When we encourage abundance to flow through us, it unlocks the blocks that would otherwise cause it to stagnate. If we try to hoard it and keep it for ourselves only, we limit its growth.

In order to keep this healthy wealth cycle flowing we are encouraged to:

  • Be grateful
  • Stay open
  • Become a magician
  • Take action
  • Let go of all attachment to the outcome
  • Listen to your body’s inner wisdom
  • Follow the breadcrumbs that life offers
  • Maintain a flexible expectancy
  • Be specific
  • Set a time for this manifestation to happen
  • Trust

Abundance is your birthright

Choose to become an active participant in your own health and wealth. Happiness is your birthright – so you’re very capable of defining what makes you happy. Be willing to co-manifest abundance in your daily life. Have fun, play and stay innocent and open to all life’s experiences. Celebrate and be grateful for every experience that inspires healing within you – and for all humanity.


The three-day Journey Intensive seminar will change your life forever. The first step is to have the willingness and courage to speak the truth of your own direct experiences and come clean with your past. Seeing the truth through the light of your own soul, you can forgive yourself and others and heal once and for all in every aspect of your life.

You’ll finally understand yourself at levels you never before dreamed possible. And make undeniable connections between your emotional and physical wellness – forever realizing that one affects the other.

The techniques you’ll learn will support your happiness, physical health, relationships, depression, spiritual awakening and wealth for the rest of your life. All these aspects are interconnected and inextricably linked. So the healing you experience in one category will trickle down into the others. When you begin to make conscious choices you can finally begin to enjoy your life fully.

Commit to your own healing. Take responsibility for your own happiness.

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