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There are currently around 7.4 billion people on the planet

Despite the fact that there are more people on our planet than ever before, ironically there’s more loneliness, too. Happiness is obviously not a numbers game.

Sadly, many of us fall victim to the fairy tale that one day someone will come and rescue us and make us happy. We aim to meet our ‘soul mate’ so that all our problems will magically vanish. Or perhaps we play the role of rescuer, protecting others from themselves and from life. The truth is that none of these stories leads to a happy ever after ending. Instead, we need to realize that a healthy relationship ‘is an inside job’ that starts with us.

The path to happiness

At some turning point in our lives, we start to understand that we’re responsible for our own happiness and healing. Empowered by this truth we make decisions based on freedom, and learn to move toward life’s opportunities, guided by our own inner knowing.

Until then, we’re out of sync with ourselves and feel disillusioned and lonely

Time and time again we’re told that loving ourselves is crucial to the quality of the relationships we have with others. And then in the next breath we’re told that if we meet our own needs we must be selfish and narcissistic. This creates confusing thoughts and chaotic behaviors. We become misdirected and look for external permission and approval, always trying to meet other peoples’ expectations before our own. Our only hope is that their wishes mirror our own internal needs.

If we don’t truly love ourselves we can’t love anyone else

Rarely does meeting other peoples’ needs before our own make us truly happy. Instead we feel resentment and bitterness towards the other person for not getting it right! This is a damaging cycle of self-abuse and abuse of others.

The problem is that when we’re asked, “What makes you happy?” we often don’t know. Why don’t we know? How did we buy into the notion that others could fulfill our every need? Whoever came up with the idea that someone could be ‘our better half?”

The answer is to listen to our own inner wisdom

The majority of us have never been encouraged to check in with our intuition, or be guided by our body’s inner wisdom. Instead, we’re brainwashed by society and programed by fear and power to adhere to others’ beliefs. This dissuades us from listening to our own internal compass.

Our beliefs therefore come directly from our:

  • 1. Families
  • 2. Cultures
  • 3. Religions
  • 4. Genders
  • 5. Personal Experiences
  • 6. Media
  • 7. Society
  • 8. Role Models
  • 9. Colleagues
  • 10. Friends etc.

Relationships test our transformation

It can feel very disempowering to hand over all decision making to others for fear of losing their love, permission or approval. Relationships therefore test our will power and commitment to our own transformation because as a herd species there’s an element of survival that needs to be met.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs illustrates the stages of growth in humans. He describes the pattern that human motivations generally move through, starting with physiological needs at the foundational base of the pyramid:


As a species, we’re driven to fulfill our basic needs by three instinctual drives:

The order of these is different for all of us, and will also change over time depending on other factors. Looking at both Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the three instinctual drives, it’s clear that if we don’t meet our basic needs first we don’t stand a chance of being in a happy relationship with anyone, least of all ourselves.

Being in conflict with ourselves results in our pain leaking out into all of our relationships, creating a toxic cocktail of unhappiness for everyone.

At the Journey Intensive, you’ll learn how to fall in love with your true self and become intimate with your wants and needs so you know definitively what makes you happy and fulfilled.


Put yourself first and create conscious relationships with others

Once you’ve created a conscious belief system and given yourself full permission to take care of your needs on all levels, you can consider healthy and rewarding relationships with others.

Your relationship with yourself and others doesn’t need to be mutually exclusive. You don’t have to have it all together before you learn how to heal and grow with another person. To create a conscious relationship, each person must make decisions in support of their own happiness and fulfillment – and want the same for the other.

Our love of self and others eradicates loneliness

The three-day Journey Intensive seminar will change your life forever. You’ll finally understand yourself at levels you never before dreamed possible. And make undeniable connections between your emotional and physical wellness – forever realizing that one affects the other. This will give you the courage and leverage to come clean with your past, speak the truth of your own direct experiences, and forgive yourself and others so you can heal once and for all in every aspect of your life.

The techniques you’ll learn will support your happiness, physical health, relationships, depression, spiritual awakening and wealth for the rest of your life. All these aspects are interconnected and inextricably linked. So the healing you experience in one category will trickle down into the others. When you begin to make conscious choices you can finally begin to enjoy your life fully.

Commit to your own healing. Take responsibility for your own happiness.

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