Life a live true to your beliefs

There will be times in your life when your identity is challenged.

We all have a story of who we think we are. We create this fantasy, this construct that we reside in, and when life challenges these ideas or asks to go deeper into ourselves, we become fearful.

Who are without this imaginary story that we’ve created? Why must I face who I really am?

These ideas are just labels. They are just beliefs that we’ve identified with, but they are not our true selves.

My experience with these labels, stories and constructs is that they stand in the way. They obscure our ability to just be.

They become a filter that limits our true freedom. They barricade us from our own authentic selves.

To truly live an authentic free life, we must first discover who we are.

My advice is to create a CV with a description of your background. Include your customs, where you’re from, your siblings, children, education and background. Also add your spiritual beliefs and the ideas of who you are to create a full picture.

Then, take a deep breath and ask yourself: ‘Who do I hold myself to be in this world?’

It’s also important to share your whole story out loud. Be convincing about who you are the story of your identity.

Listen to your inner self and try to grasp what is it that you truly desire if no one else telling you that you should or should not.

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