Letting go of your fears

Our mind is usually driven by our fears.

For some people, fear can be paralyzing and life-altering. For others, it’s nothing more than small obstacle.

No matter what varying degree of fear we experience, it most certainly prevents us from living our lives to the fullest.

Most of our thoughts are not actually logical or from the heart. They’re mainly born from some fear or other, taking control over all our decisions and actions.

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We’ve been programmed to believe that fear is for the weak, something that we should feel ashamed of and keep to ourselves. But I don’t believe in keeping your fears secret or burried away inside of you.

The only way to get through them is to look deep inside yourself and investigate the source that’s driving you to be afraid.

When I start to sense anxious feelings creeping up on me, I take time to sit, reflect, and dig down into the source. I go through all of this myself in the video below, but here’s a simple guide to help you out:

Start with some deep breaths, letting them in and out. Then close your eyes.

Sum up your fear into one sentence and say it out loud. Share it into the open. Once you’ve done that, ask yourself a question: what if you could never do what you just said? What is the emotion that comes up for you?

Keep going deeper than that, studying how it makes you feel. For every layer, uncover another one. Dig all the way down to the deeper beliefs, examining your reactions and feelings while you go.

When you can’t go any further, pull the rug out from all these beliefs. Knock down the foundation that’s holding you back. Let your beliefs and emotions stop...what remains?

From this vast space comes awareness and a new way forward. Embrace the source of your fears, so that you can finally take the driver’s seat.
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