Learning to Say ‘No’

How often do you say yes to doing things that you don’t really want to, but agree and comply with others’ wishes out of fear of disappointing or letting someone down, or fear of creating conflict or of being judged or criticised?

How To See Beauty Instead of Suffering

Often our habit of over-compliance can lead us to feel negated, unimportant or unworthy, or can lead to frustration or overwhelm that can be the source of a lot of stress.

This is when learning to say ‘no’ is incredibly important.

Learning requires us to take things back to basics. It is important when someone asks you to do something that you take time and check with yourself how you feel about it.

Try closing your eyes and going inside your body, and imagine saying yes and get a sense of the factors involved in doing what they have asked, and how that truly makes you feel emotionally. Then do the same thing and imagine saying no. There may be a brief moment of anxiety or fear, but if you stay relaxed and open in your body this will pass. Then you can get a real sense of how saying no truly makes you feel emotionally.

Your body is the barometer of your soul, so check what it is trying to tell you. If it feels easy and right, then say ‘yes’. Oftentimes great things can happen when you say yes to life. But if you feel any tension or crimping inside your body, it’s usually a sign to healthily say ‘no’.

Come into yourself and establish that relationship with your body for every decision you make. Picture the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ route so that you make the right decision; one based on your body’s intelligent impulses and guidance. Appropriately saying no will ultimately bring you to peace and a feeling of contentment.

Find out what Brandon has learned and how to say no in the video below.

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