Join our Facebook community

Join our Facebook community

Have you heard the news?

We’ve started a brand new Facebook community for all the followers of The Journey.

For a long time I've wanted to have a safe and special place to bring together all of you and now here it is.

It is our deep prayer to bring these powerfully transforming tools to people from all backgrounds and walks of life in countries all across the globe, so that all may realise their deepest human and divine potential and be part of the shift in consciousness our planet needs to heal and flourish.

In this group, I'd love you to share your experiences and the things you'd like help with. My team and I will be here to help and support you and I'll also be doing regular live broadcasts to answer your questions and offer you extra techniques.

To celebrate our brand new gathering place, I’ll be doing a live Facebook chat at 1pm London time on 28th of February where I’ll share mediations, process work and teachings.

You don’t want to miss it!

Join here.
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