How to Uncover Your True Self

This week, Brandon Bays answers a question we get asked very often at The Journey:
“How can I live authentically as an expression of my true self?”

How To See Beauty Instead of Suffering

Brandon shares her daily tips on how to live a truly authentic life in the video below.

We have all created a certain image a false identity that we project to the world, and pretend that it is real. We are invested in keeping that identity confirmed, even though deep down inside we know it’s a sham, a fake. So when someone criticises us or says something hurtful that we think might be true, it can feel soul crushing, identity threatening. Then we try even harder, more persistently, to project this false image to the world and convince ourselves and others that our mask, our pretence is real.

In order to live more authentically, we can start with a method called Self Enquiry.

If you feel like you are a living out an idea of how you think you should be or who you would like to be instead of who you truly are, self enquiry will help you. It will allow you to access a deep, essential self that is spacious and authentic.

One way you can address this question is to take some time and be quiet. Just relax, close your eyes and let all awareness settle inside. Then invite your thinking mind to wind right down until it is quiet. Then ask in a whisper: “Who am I?... Who am I really?”

Continue gently enquiring and you will run out of everyday, generic roles and labels for yourself. They will progressively fall away and you will open into a spacious empty-fullness that is vast, infinite, omnipresent.

This is the true self. It is self-evident, obvious, and surprisingly blissful to discover and admit this eternal truth.

Enquiring into real self is a powerful exercise. It will allow all the fake identities you’ve built for yourself to crumble and fall away. It will expose the intelligent consciousness, the pure awareness, the radiant presence of universal love that is your true essence.
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