How to Stop Running From Your Emotions

Do you feel like you are just sleepwalking through life, are numbed out or can’t feel anything? Or are you fretting and struggling, wrestling with every strong emotion that arises inside you?

How to Stop Running From Your Emotions

We often develop strategies to avoid feelings, suppress or manage emotions, and distract ourselves from what we’re truly experiencing.

In the video below, Brandon Bays shares with you a Divine Experiment that will help you healthily access your emotions.

In order to really be aware of and feel our emotions, we must turn deep inside of ourselves. With closed eyes, relax and focus on the parts of your body that feel tense, or where there is pain. Listen to what the tension or discomfort says, what it wants to communicate to you. Allow whatever wants to arise to be welcomed and to be present and heard or felt.

Use this method to explore other areas of your body that hurt, and ask: ‘if this tension was able to speak, what would it say?’ And then speak out the words in a whisper. Notice how hearing these words makes you feel emotionally. Stay wide open to the experience.

This exercise will help you befriend your body and discover your deeper feelings and emotions.

Afterwards, flood your body with acceptance. Thank your body for being open and honest, and for communicating with you in this way. Send your body blessings and gratitude.

Emotions are the gateway to your soul, so they are a way for you to open up and create a relationship with your deepest inner self.

Always listen to your body because it is where your emotions lie.
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