How to Overcome Hopelessness: Journey in Action

During The Journey process, I encourage you to face and experience the dark emotions and memories that you might not feel comfortable going through.

You may think why bother? Why even try to access that part of you?

It’s unsettling, scary, and it’s easier to repress and avoid at all costs than it is to face up to the darkest pieces of you.

But my advice is to open up to it.

You’ll never get to the root of your emotions if you don’t confront them.

Even if you’ve been through the process, dark feelings can still be lingering on their way out. In that case, you need to keep facing them again and again.

What if there were no way to avoid those feelings? What if you had to face them, head on? Sit in it and let it have it’s way with you?

You may need to test the waters first. Start off with just a simple toe-dip, too wary to venture in head-first. And that’s ok! Go up to your ankles, then your knees, then your waist, until you’re ready to dive in and take the full plunge.

Take it one step at a time until your body trusts, your mind trusts, and your heart trusts.

There’s no right or wrong way: there’s just whatever is natural for your system. So give yourself a break and let it happen naturally.

When you eventually open into those scary, dark emotions, you’ll find that it’s just energy. And in that energy is acceptance and life.

Watch as I lead one man through all the layers of hopelessness. This video shares a beautiful story about opening up yourself and finding an inner peace.

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