How to Move beyond your Mind?

How to get beyond the mind and allow the body to speak: A Journey Process in Action.

During The Journey Process, I always ask you what you are feeling and encourage you to go deep into your emotions in order to heal.

How To Move Beyond The Body

Sometimes, though, you might not be able to get to your emotions. You’ll be able to think about them, but can’t give yourself over to truly feel them.

That’s because you’re looking for them in the wrong place.

Many believe that emotions reside in our heads and in our minds, but really, emotions are in the body. It’s easy so to be seduced by the mind, but instead, you should be speaking directly to your’s longing to have a conversation with you!

For many of us, we’ve spent our whole lives worshipping at the altar of our minds, believing that everything happens there.

But if you’re willing to use your mind and bring the awareness to your body and let the body express and speak back to you, you’ll find that there will be no block.

Watch as I guide one man through this common situation that affects us all, and share a process on how to open up to the body and soul that is waiting for healing.

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