Give yourself permission to feel

Early on in life, we learn that we don’t have permission to feel. There are certain emotions that are allowed, and others that are not.

We are told that we should ‘be seen and not heard’, to ‘dry our tears, stop crying’, or ‘pull ourselves together, get a grip, be strong’.

We learn to shut down what we’re feeling. But when you shut down one emotion, you shut them all down. You start moving through life in a grey zone, everything is muted and you’re not feeling much of anything...a pseudo life lacking in meaning or purpose.

We’re not even aware that this is happening. Sometimes, it’s our own internal voices that are telling us to stop feeling, and we might not even realise it.

But we all need permission to feel our real emotions.

So open up and get permission to feel, whether it’s from your loved ones, your religion, your culture, your job….even from yourself. It will open up something inside of you that finally grants you the authority to experience all the the emotions that you’ve been pushing away.

Take some deep breaths in and out. Let everything fall away and ask yourself...what does it feel like to be shut down? What has it cost you in life?

Think it over, give your thoughts a voice, and be real with yourself about what emotions are happening inside.

Say this outloud: Today I give myself full permission to experience every feeling until it healthily releases.

Next time you’re talking to someone, be aware of what you’re feeling. You don’t necessarily have to express it right there and then, but be switched on to the natural thoughts and feelings that are coming through. Don’t shut them off or pretend that they don’t exist. Just be.

Know you have full permission to feel what is here, to be present to what is here.

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