“It’s About Freedom…Freedom to Live Your Life as You’ve Always Dreamt It Would Be!”

 Journey@Home offers an entirely new way of experiencing Journey work, pioneered by mind-body-healing expert and bestselling author Brandon Bays in the comfort and privacy of your Journey Practitioner’s home.

Research has shown that 85% of all illness is emotionally based (American Center for Disease Control) Knowing this, its is the right time to clear any emotional blocks, so that your body’s natural healing ability is restored and can work at the highest level!

Your presenters and hosts are fully qualified and accredited Journey Practitioners, who have attended a 1 year long program with Brandon Bays – The Journey Practitioner Programme. This programme consists of eight life-changing seminars, designed to facilitate healing in every aspect of your life and then enables you to bring that healing transformation and awakening to others, facilitating unbridled freedom and vibrant health. It is their privilege and pleasure to invite you, hold a supportive embrace for you to undergo your own personal healing journey!

Journey@Home seminars can either take place in the private home of your local Journey Practitioner, or in a local community venue. Either way, it’s designed to allow you to attend these groups locally, where the group size is intimate and your personal experience during this life-transforming weekend is deeply profound.

True Freedom Starts with the Journey@Home

The Journey@Home is a Journey Intensive at home! This is a two-day workshop that many participants describe as the most transformational experience of their lives. You will be fully immersed in this truly experiential workshop with innovative teaching stories, meditations, engaging practical group interaction and one to one process work, which together create a unique seminar which enables you to tap into your body’s infinite wisdom – facilitating profound transformative results in yourself – instantly and effortlessly – in incredible ways and all in the comfort and safety of your local Journey Practitioners house / community centre.

In just two days of powerful training—you’ll experience first hand the benefits of clearing out stored issues, letting go of old stories and emotional baggage and working in privacy with a partner of your own choosing.

A Sample of What Thousands of People are Saying About the Journey Intensive

At the Journey@Home you will:
  • Embark on a journey into the very nature of your soul, where you will bathe in the vast, boundless presence of love at the core of your being.
  • Uncover old cell memories and limiting patterns resolving and forgiving old issues so that your body is free to access its own healing potential.
  • Penetrate and clear stubborn emotional blocks that have, perhaps unknowingly, held you back for years.
  • Master practical, easy-to-use tools and experience joy and freedom in your life everyday.
  • Find profound emotional and spiritual clarity and liberate your infinite potential.

Every year, thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds attend Journey Intensive workshops for a variety of purposes. Some seek physical, mental or spiritual healing. Some desire deeper relationships with their loved ones. Some want better careers or more fulfillment in their lives. Many simply wish to reconnect with their true selves.

Yet regardless of his or her objectives, each and every participant of The Journey walks away transformed, enlightened and triumphant.

At the 2-day Journey@Home, you will learn the latest Journey techniques as well as experiencing meditations, guided introspections and additional mini-process work.

On Day 1 is the Emotional Journey Process, where you’ll awaken to your true essence, your boundless potential, release repressed, unhealthy emotions, and open into a boundless love of unbridled freedom and causeless joy.

On Day 2 is the Physical Journey Day where you’ll uncover and clear old cell memories to facilitate powerful, incremental and spontaneous physical healing.

On both these days you’ll enjoy a warm welcome and have access to our passionate and highly experienced Journey Practitioner who can answer all your questions and provide a supportive embrace for the entire seminar. You will meet other like-minded participants, and having shared this life-changing workshop together, will form true friendships that will last a lifetime.

Learn to work with emotions, use practical and straightforward techniques and develop skills which give you direct access to your radiant potential.

Please remember that the Journey Intensive is a practical workshop that gets lasting results. What you experience during the two days is not simply theory – it’s a set of practical tools, realizations and process work that you can immediately apply in your everyday life with your family, your friends, your work colleagues.

Completion of the Journey Intensive workshop means you are a ‘Journey Grad’, which and gives you automatic life-time membership to the Journey Intensive as a trainer and immediate access to a wide range of benefits and a global support system of Journey grads and Practitioners. And you instantly become eligible to attend many of the Advanced Journey Programs including the Conscious Abundance Retreat – the next step!

Anyone can attend and No prior experience or knowledge is necessary for you to get the most out of the Journey@Home in fact those who come knowing nothing often get the best results!

Please note that the Journey@Home is both a life-changing experience in itself, and an essential pre-requisite to all Journey Advanced Level workshops and retreats.

Please find a Journey@Home workshop near youcome as you are, the fact that you are reading this means that you are ready for this life changing course that will transform your life and the lives of your loved ones.

NON-RESIDENTIAL:   2-day workshop

FOR:  Everyone 

What People Say:

The Most Cutting Edge Healing and Freeing Process Available that I Have Found

This is the most cutting edge healing and freeing process available that I have found. I’ve… been a healer myself for many years but this is a gift of astronomic proportions. If you are ready for it, the freedom you have been seeking is here. In my opinion, and it is only my opinion based on my actual experience, it is the most important work being done for individuals in pain on the planet at this time.

~ J. R., Healer 

The Journey Intensive has been Life Changing

The Journey Intensive has been life changing. I was able to direct the shuttle to an old problem in my body that has caused severe pain at times. It is amazing the results I am beginning to sense.

~ Janis Martinez

I Could No Longer Feel the Lump in My Breast…

Two days later after The Journey Intensive weekend, I could no longer feel my lump in my breast. My next mammogram confirmed it had gone… I feel the Journey saved my life.

~ Karen G., Daily Express Newspaper

These Tools are Yours to Treasure, Master and Carry With You for the Rest of Your Life

Independent? Do-it-yourselfer? Find the book, now in paperback, and teach yourself the techniques of the Journey Process. Do you enjoy the seminar setting? If you are like me, and you crave the opportunity to train with an experienced teacher, then attend a Journey Intensive weekend. The basic skills can be learned and nurtured in one weekend. Once understood you can use these skills anywhere, anytime. Once learned these tools are yours to treasure, master and carry with you for the rest of your life.

~ Linda Ehlers, Accredited Journey Practitioner

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