Touch of the Divine

Touch of the Divine with Satya

Two sublime days of exploring and developing your own intuitive skills, using both hands on, or other ways to enhance and complement your Journeywork.

In this exquisite and highly experiential 2-day workshop you’ll:

  • Learn how to bridge The Journey processes with hands on, or other healing modalities.
  • Receive hands-on and other healing modalities.
  • Open to the divine hands – the healer in yourself.
  • Add hands-on healing to your existing Journey skills.
  • Enhance and deepen the healing process by using The Journey with hands-on, or other modalities.
  • Discover and experience the use of simple Journey techniques during a massage.
  • Receive and give a Journey Massage.
  • Leave feeling nurtured and enriched.
  • Receive certification as a recognised Journey Massage Practitioner upon successful completion of the course and case studies.

SatyaSatya, Brandon’s personal massage therapist and a Journey Accredited®Practitioner, was asked by Brandon to teach you how to elegantly and effectively combine Journey processing with other hands-on therapeutic modalities. Satya, who is passionate about The Journey, has been offering this beautiful retreat to Journey Accredited®Practitioners and Training Practitioners in Australia and Europe since 2003.

Upon completion of the course and nine case studies, you will receive the certification of Journey Massage Practitioner. This workshop is open to all Journey Practitioners and Training Practitioners who have completed the whole Programme.

No massage experience is required, just your willingness to open to your intuitive touch. Whether you would like to explore hands-on modalities, or other modalities such as sound, voice, crystal healing, yoga, etc., in combination with Journey process work, or simply give yourself this time to be nurtured, this retreat is deeply healing.

Some comments from participants at the last Touch of the Divine event in Germany last October:

It Has Really Taken the Journey Process onto an Other Level, that is Beyond Anything I Have Ever Experienced

Amazing weekend, the touch really allows those last doors to open fully, blasting us into a no holds strength of emotion and sea of love. It is so nurturing, truly held in a place of safety to connect with the emotion in the deepest possible way. It has really taken the Journey process onto an other level, that is beyond anything I have ever experienced. The whole week end was so full of love and such an ease to experiment and open to Source. The intuition of grace just flowing through hands/touch…what a blessing, so sacred…

~ Susan

It Furthered the Realisation of how Powerful the Touch is

A great gift, I learned many things and it furthered the realisation of how powerful the touch is. Wonderful deep processes…

~ Sieb

To be Finally at Peace with My Body is Nothing Short of a Miracle

To be given the gift of discovering I can listen to my body and finally be at peace with it is nothing short of a miracle. My cup overflows with profound gratitude.

~ Fran

Depth, Change, Love and Support

A workshop full of learning, realization, depth, change, love and support.

~ Iris

I Enjoyed Every Minute of it

I enjoyed every minute of it. I felt myself have huge clear outs, I felt empowered.

~ Deryl

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