Spring Clean for the Soul 1-day Seminar

Spring Clean for the Soul – Clearing Old Conditioning and Living Your Highest and Truest Potential

A powerful 1 day experience, this is an event open exclusively to Journey Grads.

Born from Kevin’s and Brandon’s  advanced retreats, this workshop is not an introductory day – it’s a full-blown workshop experience that includes excitingly fresh and potent insights and techniques – ones that will help you transform any specific area of your life!

  • We’ll get very specific in looking at some of the conditioning that holds us back and keeps us playing small or inauthentic in life, and we’ll clear it out.
  • We’ll take a hard and real look at our perceived barriers and blocks, the core drivers of our unhealthy and self-sabotaging behaviors, and we’ll pull them out by the roots.
  • It will be a full and process-rich day aimed at conscious transformation – as much transformation as we can fit into a 10am to 6pm day.

If experiences from our worldwide advanced retreats are anything to go by it promises to be an innovative and powerful day. See you in Sydney!

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