Out of the Blue for Practitioners


Freedom from the Real Causes of Depression:
A special Journey Practitioner training

Kevin BillettKevin is offering a two-day training workshop only for Journey Practitioners on his latest work; identifying the real causes of depression and clearing it out completely. The work is based on his own experience of suffering from and becoming totally free from clinical depression, and will be informative and experiential.

If you have personally ever experienced anything from a mild case of ‘the blues’ through to full-blown diagnosed depression the course will allow you to identify what has really been causing the pattern and to address it successfully using specially adapted Journey process work. And in your work with clients or loved ones who may suffer from depression, this course is a must if you wish to work effectively and with deepest clarity.

During the Out Of The Blue workshop for Journey Practitioners Kevin teaches what has worked for him and some of the topics that we will cover:
  • What is depression, and what is it not?
  • Depression’s background, some frightening statistics, and how it is commonly currently ‘treated’
  • The risks, dangers and lack of effectiveness of the traditional approaches.
  • What really causes depression? The factors, conditioning and circumstances that can be involved.
  • The choices available for someone with depression.
  • How best and most effectively to approach the issue as a Journey Practitioner.
  • Some dos and don’ts that will really help.
  • How to get to the root causes and really clear them.
  • Lifestyle and circumstantial factors that will make a difference long term.

Kevin contributed to and edited many of Brandon’s books, and co-wrote Consciousness: The New Currency. Brandon and Kevin’s latest book, Goodbye Depression, is largely based on his story of healing completely from depression using The Journey Method, and teaching others how to do the same.

“As I sit here today, I realise with huge gratitude, that after nearly 30 years of struggle with cyclical depression I have now been absolutely depression free for 20 years. Because 20 years ago I was introduced to a way, to not just manage or cope with depression, but to completely resolve and finish with the core issues that had me trapped. A way to identify depression’s real causes and pull them out by the root, a way to live naturally in ease, confidence and deep peace. Since that discovery I have awoken each morning feeling fully alive, connected and fulfilled. I have lived a life beyond my old imagination’s ability to dream it.”

Around 359 million people worldwide (source: World Health Organization) suffer with depression and emotional shutdown. We often learn at an early age to keep our emotions in check, under wraps, hidden, and that it is eas-ier to keep feelings or emotions at bay, especially the ‘unwanted’ ones that create discomfort for our loved ones or are judged by society as inappropriate.

Out of the Blue was designed to get to the root cause of any sign of shutdown and depression and set yourself free of any limitation. In this workshop you are guided to be open to the energy, passion, and joy of life.

Link to a survey which was done after the first seminar of ‘Out of the Blue’ in Australia:
Out of the Blue: freedom from the real cause of depression – Melbourne workshop evaluation

PREREQUISITE: Completion of the Journey Practitioner Programme


What People Say:

The workshop evoked for me, a profound healing and catalyzed a deeper state of awareness and stillness

I have lived an entire lifetime under the erroneous belief that depression was a genetic inevitability, an inescapable inheritance, one for which I would invariably see transmitted to my children.

After doing the Out of the Blue workshop with Kevin Billett, I managed to identify the roots of this unwanted legacy, and rip it out from the very core. The workshop helps to distinguish the myths from empirical fact, and gives accessible and effective tools to deal with patterns of depression both personally as well as for use as a Jour-ney practitioner with clients.

Kevin is an impeccable teacher, highly astute, as well as wholly accessible for questions and clarification. The workshop evoked for me, a profound healing and catalyzed a deeper state of awareness and stillness. Indeed I journeyed right out of the blue and into the peace that is my own essential nature.”

~ Nicki Forman-Levitan
Yoga teacher and Journey Practitioner

These eloquent processes are specifically designed to empower you to experience emotions in a full, safe and complete way

This treatment includes Identifying & Reframing unhelpful beliefs and importantly, learning new techniques to open into the experience of Higher Self or Source, to be guided to explore and employ more helpful beliefs and strategies to prevent emotional shut down in the future. These eloquent processes are specifically designed to empower the individual to experience emotions in a full, safe and complete way.

Kevin’s ‘Out of the Blue’ theory of Depression and associated treatment is both refreshing and viable, empowering individuals to grow by releasing previously suppressed, blocked, avoided emotions, unhelpful beliefs and inef-fectual coping strategies. Resulting in the capacity to open, allow and trust in the experience of negative Emotions, understanding that emotions like fear, anger, devastation can have the freedom to be felt and let pass. Previously these suppressed, avoided emotions were being stored as cellular memories in the body, contributing greatly to physical Dis Ease and the manifestation of the condition referred to as Depression.

~ Dr Sian Dines
Clinical Psychologist


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Freedom from the Real Causes of Depression for Journey Practitioners Only
Kevin Billett
TBA, United Kingdom
€ 600
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