Living The Journey

Thursday 26 September 2013 – 7.00 PM to 9.00 PM

Living The Journey

Using The Journey Method to Heal Your Life and Set Yourself Free
by Brandon Bays

Brandon Bays is an internationally acclaimed mind-body healing expert and founder of The Journey

Brandon Bays

Over the last seventeen years of giving Journey seminars, I have personally witnessed thousands of amazing healing stories that confirm our body’s immense potential to heal. I am always truly awed by the body’s capacity to heal, even against seemingly impossible odds. Physical healing stories from people using The Journey Method are endless – and are such a vision of possibility for us all.

These few healing stories were shared with a group of Journey Practitioners and inspired the writing of the latest book, Living The Journey:

“Ten years ago, a woman came to the Journey Intensive in London with crippling multiple sclerosis and in a wheelchair, destined never to heal. Now, 10 years on she looked ten years younger—so fresh and alive and loves jogging!  Her tip for good health and vitality:  “Keep doing your Journeys!”

“A  woman shared at a talk that she had tried every healing modality for her frozen back, both medical and complementary. Excruciating pain for years, three operations and seemingly at the end of her choices, her frozen back completely healed after just two Journey processes with a Journey Practitioner.”

“A seventeen-year-old girl from New Zealand was given a grave prognosis: she only had a short time left to live. She had three inoperable, untreatable brain tumors, and she decided to use The Journey process from The Journey book every week. After one year, her MRI scans showed no tumors.”

“And this story put even my reality upside down! A fiftyyear-old woman from Israel who contracted polio at age seven and as a result had a crooked, crippled body and one leg significantly shorter than the other. After going through the year-long Journey Practitioner Program, she had not only healed her life, but her shorter leg grew by 5 centimeters. Her body became straight and whole. Her leg grew in her fifties!”

It never ceases to inspire me, this miraculous healing intelligence that exists within us and how the body seems capable of healing just about anything, any physical challenge, illness or injury. And it is a source of constant wonder to me that in fact the body is designed to heal. It’s a healing machine!

But what really breaks my heart open is when people heal their lives, how, even in the most adverse circumstances, the human heart triumphs. It awes me to see the strength and courage of the human spirit and its capacity to heal seemingly unbearable, insurmountable conditions following rape or abuse, trauma, debilitating years of depression, finding forgiveness for the unforgivable.

And I feel deep, deep gratitude for the power of the Journey tools, these practical methods that give people the ability to finish with their painful stories and to open into the natural joy, the love, the authentic greatness that is our own essence. It is possible to clear even the most deeply held cell memories, the most difficult challenges, even when life says it’s not possible. Healing is available to us all. Not only is it possible, it is within all of our reach.

Let this introductory and experiential evening at Tree of Life be your invitation to heal your life and set yourself free. Because the truth is, you can heal any aspect of your life.


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Living The Journey

A unique evening workshop with Brandon Bays

Brandon Bays, international bestselling author and founder of The Journey method invites you to a powerfully liberating evening, where you will be experiencing guided meditation, Satsang – (a time where we can bring your deepest issues from all aspects of life to the light of truth) – and liberating process work, uniquely and spontaneously tailored to the collective calling of the audience. This evening promises to be liberating and healing, addressing and clearing personal issues such as health, relationship challenges, traumatic issues from the past, addictions, abundance issues, stuckness and unresolvable seeming blocks, self worth issues and even addressing deeply ingrained behaviour patterns, no matter how hard you’ve tried to clear them. This evening will allow each individual to embark on their journey of healing and awakening – living life from your highest potential and in the flow of grace.

Thursday 26 September 2013
7pm – 9pm (doors open 6.30pm)

The Birmingham and Midland Institute,
Margaret Street,
B3 3BS

£15/£10 concs Early Bird if booked by 12 September
(£20/£15 concs thereafter)


Book online or call 0121 449 4086

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