Enneagram Masterclass

Enneagram Master Class with Kevin Billett

Enneagram Masterclass – Enneagram Secrets and Teachings for Profound Liberation

This course, for everyone who has completed the Freedom from the Ego Retreat, reveals some of the deepest secrets of the Enneagram: Our blended experience of fixation, the dynamics of our struggle to survive, our friction binds, impossible binds and the effects of our core instinctual needs and drives. It contains many deep insights unique to The Journey, and is an intense week of essential transformation and discovery of truth and divine potential.

A Brand New 7-day In-Depth Advanced Enneagram Retreat

Kevin BillettFor some 18 years Brandon and I have immersed ourselves in the profound teachings of the Enneagram as a tool for awakening,healing and liberation. And over those years we have had the unique privilege of organically learning – by our own direct experience of working at the deepest level with course participants and clients – some of the extraordinary secrets the Enneagram model has to reveal about the veils of the ego, and how best to focus our direct enquiries and process work to realize Freedom and to unlock the body’s extraordinary innate healing capabilities.

The Enneagram has progressively revealed its mysteries and hidden truths over the years, by facilitating ever deepening liberation, transformation and radical healing.

Please listen to the recent Web conference with Kevin where he shares about his brand-new programme: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventid=41117232

EnneagramIn recent years I have often been asked to design a course to explore and reveal the deeper and hidden aspects of the Enneagram’s teaching.

And I am delighted to be offering a brand new 7-day retreat: The Enneagram Masterclass – Enneagram secrets and deeper teachings – exclusively for those who have experienced The Freedom from the Ego retreat.

We will start with the understanding and experience we’ve gained at Freedom from the Ego and we’ll dive right into the heart of a profoundly liberating experience.

Among other aspects we’ll take an in-depth look at:
  • The vital importance of core avoidances, needs and traps
  • The dynamics of blends and lines of movement – how they present, what they can reveal, and how to work with them
  • The ‘friction’ binds and the ‘impossible’ binds of fixation
  • The deep influence of Self-Preservation, Social and Sexual instincts on fixation
  • The Enneapoints’ specific communication styles and what they reveal
  • The limitations of the model and when to let go of it

And most important of all, we’ll of course turn awareness inside, uncover, expose and burn through our own deepest issues. We’ll clear our own limitations and ego distortions, and find the clarity and peace of true choice so we can directly experience profound liberation and best serve others in their own awakening and healing.

The material and teaching will often not be work that can be found in textbooks. This will not be an intellectual or analytical time. It will be a time of authentic exploration, a time of realizing by means of our own direct experience the true nature of the Self, a time to surrender to the essence of what the Enneagram has to reveal to each of us.

PREREQUISITE: this retreat is only for people who have completed the Freedom from the Ego Retreat.


Enneagram Masterclass – NETHERLANDS
Please note that accommodation and meals are not included in the cost of this retreat. However, in order to provide the deepest and most liberating experience for you, it is mandatory to stay at the venue for the duration of the Enneagram Masterclass. Please be assured that we have negotiated an extremely competitive rate for our group, which includes accommodation and all meals.
If you have not yet booked your accommodation – please do it NOW and via the following link:
If you need to book additional nights, have dietary requirments or want to share with someone – you can do this directly with the hotel.

Enneagram Masterclass – ISRAEL
Due to Shabbat, this retreat is tailored to 6 days and Hebrew translation is offered.
The price includes all course fees, accommodation and meals.
Course begins on Sunday at 9.00h and ends Friday after lunch.
For bookings please contact Irit Lifschitz: irit@thejourney.co.il

Enneagram Masterclass – UK
This retreat is 6½ days long and will next be offered near in Cowbridge, South Wales, UK (nearest airport Cardiff, Wales). The cost of the event includes light refreshments and lunch; however, accommodation is not included.
The event takes place at the Bear Hotel in Cowbridge where they offer course delegates a preferential rate of £75 for a double or twin room (including breakfast) >>http://www.bearhotel.com/contact/<< , +44(0)1446 774814 please book your room asap because availability is limited. It is not essential to stay at the venue hotel, however, to support yourself to the highest and best during this deeply liberating course, we do recommend it.Course begins on Saturday at 09.00h and ends Friday after lunch, at approximately 14:00hOther airport options:
London Heathrow (plus 2 hours train ride)
Bristol (plus 1 hour train ride)

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Enneagram Masterclass
Kevin Billett
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Enneagram Masterclass
Kevin Billett
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