Coaching, Presenting & Business

Liberate Your Divine Self, & Become a Master of Awakening & Life Transformation

Coaching, Presenting & Business

Kevin BillettLIBERATE your divine self & become a master of awakening and life transformation. Transform your career and deepen in life fulfilment by being a beacon of liberation, a conscious communicator and an effective, successful practice owner. Become a Journey Accredited Life Transformation Coach.

DEEPEN in your own authenticity & become a beacon of ultimate freedom.

EVOLVE and deepen in your effectiveness as a liberator of innate genius, infinite creativity, divine potential – by liberating your own!

DIVE into the profound depths of your true self & let the fire of truth burn through all illusions of separation.

FREE every aspect of your being, your life, and deepen in your ultimate divine destiny.

LEARN how to dance lightly, profoundly as a master of human healing potential.

BECOME a vehicle of effortless grace, an embodiment of infinite potential, divine genius.

DEEPEN in your own authentic presence and learn to speak powerfully, persuasively and effectively to groups large and small.

LEARN how to build a consciousness-based business or practice that is abundant and fulfilling on all levels.

EXPERIENCE direct self-realisation, not as a passing state but as the truth of your own existence.

FALL into the reality of enlightened awareness and live as an exemplar of awakening, of freedom.

LEARN profound yet practical ways to reach out to others and help them find the same fulfilment, purpose and peace that you have found.


Effortlessly blend Journeywork with life transforming coaching skills

Deepen your profoundly effective life transformation skills as you discover how to work more broadly with your clients. Embrace an effortless method to work with practical efficacy to help your clients uncover and clear life blocks, move forward with clarity and focus and realise their ultimate goals.

Learn how to:
  • Listen more deeply, more effectively with sharp acuity
  • Get to your clients real life issues and resolve them for good
  • Work creatively and imaginatively to produce shockingly healing and transformational results
  • Structure your work to support your clients ongoing, and build in feedback loops that keep them on track in life
  • Build lasting relationships with your clients, to your mutual financial benefit


Become an authentic master of deeply influential presentations

Transform your speaking confidence and learn elegantly effective ways to reach out to others, and wow them, with your public talks and presentations. Learn in straightforward, step-by-step ways, how to stand in ease and openness before any group, deliver your message elegantly and effectively, and leave your audience moved, impacted and ready to take action.

Learn how to:
    • Quickly resolve your fears and learn to speak in public with ease, confidence and effectiveness
    • Quickly induce warmth, empathy and positivity with almost any group
    • Uncover your ‘authentic voice’ and learn to speak with clarity and deep, compelling influence
    • Stand as a powerful presence, speak from the heart and be a deep influencer, a messenger of transformation and possibility
    • Reach out to others and build your client base, your supporters and advocates, with effortless ease
    • Use your unnoticed ‘energy spheres’ to dissolve personal barriers and positively impact everyone around you
    • Create emotional connection with your audience and bring them actively onside, so they are eager to support you in your business, practice or cause
    • Learn conscious verbal skills that bring others to enthusiastic agreement, to ‘Yes!’
    • Uncover your heart’s real message, it’s purpose, and begin spreading it, so others can benefit from your life’s experience
    • Truly ‘walk your talk’, and ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world!’


Become an abundantly fulfilled conscious business owner

Develop, market and succeed in your own unique healing and coaching practice, and build a life of abundance and conscious contribution.

Learn how to:
  • design a profitable practice business using automated marketing
  • effortlessly ‘sell’ more packages to more people using natural pre-suasive tools
  • plan and scale coaching, consulting and event businesses profitably at low cost and low risk
  • use personal brand and authority positioning principles to attract more clients naturally
  • get amazing testimonials every time using the 4 step social proof formula

Daniel Wagner
co-presenter DANIEL WAGNER
Founder of, expert in conscious marketing and persuasion

PREREQUISITE: Completion of the Journey Practitioner Programme


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Coaching, Presenting & Business
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