Authentic Greatness

Discover & Live Your Highest & Deepest Potential

Authentic Greatness with Kevin Billett

Kevin BillettAre you really living your true potential?

Do you experience your innate greatness, your natural genius on a daily basis?

Do you wake up completely fulfilled and satisfied each day, knowing you are living with real meaning and purpose?

Are you at deepest peace with how your life is working—at home, at work, at play?

Are you reaching out regularly to others and sharing this potential, from openness, love, freedom?

Are you truly walking your talk in life? Are you really a conscious exemplar of infinite potential, limitless transformation and self-realisation?

Is there room for growth in any of these areas of your life? If so, the Authentic Greatness retreat is meant for you…

Uncover your own authentic greatness, the innate infinite potential that lies within you, and become an exemplar of conscious transformation with your family, friends, colleagues and clients.
At the Authentic Greatness retreat, you’ll:
  • Learn extraordinary skills for personal transformation and clear unconscious limitations, connect with your innate, natural greatness and start living life as an embodiment of limitless potential
  • Use specific techniques that will allow you to clear some of your deepest fears, freeing you to explore a new life of open possibility
  • Discover how to turn failure and the fear of failure into a positive—one of life’s biggest opportunities, its most potent and liberating teachings
  • Clear damaging old patterns—like victimhood, blame and rigid defensiveness
  • Remove old blocks you may barely have been aware of
  • Discover how to tap into your own version of genius—the charisma, talent, creativity, wisdom and powerful presence that lies deep within you—and live from it on a daily basis
  • Let your brand new future of conscious empowerment unveil itself, and make it crystal clear what actions you need to take to co-create your ultimate life vision
  • Leave as a true embodiment of conscious influence

For: Journey Intensive Grads


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25.03 -
Authentic Greatness
Kevin Billett
Elspeet, Netherlands
€ 2495
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